Top tips for beginners to avoid common mistakes at the start


It is not that difficult to start winning more at online casinos if you follow the rules and avoid rash actions, don't give in to emotions and never panic. Many newbies come to online casinos to get a large amount of money at once, without making any effort to learn how to play like a pro and with intelligence. This sometimes succeeds for some of the newcomer players, but it is a one-time thing. Then he wants to win even more, and he cringes and loses all the proceeds in the hope of getting another easy reward. To help new players, we've prepared some important tips for new players.  Follow these tips:

  • At the first stage of learning, every newcomer should learn that online casino games are primarily a way to have fun, not a way to make money. Try to enjoy the great graphics, the cool service and just the process of playing. To start making real money at it, you need to become a professional. Yes, there are many experienced players for whom online casino games are also additional earnings. But they too have once passed the way from a beginner to a pro. In order to understand this you have to go a long way of learning the rules and strategies of one or another game;
  • Also, you should not make a big deposit and gamble all the money at once. It can lead to losing all the money. Set limits on the minimum deposit and maximum volume. Most well-known casinos have a system of bonuses and gifts for new players. Use them, as they are a great way to save your money. Also, most modern sites have a free game feature. You can choose your favorite game and play it in the demo version for virtual money. Pay attention to this point to understand what games you like, how to play them and what strategies you can use;
  • In most cases, you can join a players club on the casino Red Dog website. For less experienced players, this is a good opportunity to learn experience and some chips from more experienced players;
  • You can start your games with slots games, but pay attention to the payout percentage. To reduce the risk of your game, choose slot machines with the highest RTP percentages.

And here's another important point - don't immediately chase big winnings. Try to learn to win little by little but regularly often. The moment you increase your level of play, you can increase the stakes and try your hand at more risky games.

Follow these simple rules and you will get great results! At this point, it's very important for those who want to learn how to win more.

The right strategy is the way to big winnings


If you are faced with the problem of accurate play in online casinos, this chapter will help you deal with it. After all, what, if not correctly selected and tested in practice strategy, can bring you more winning games? But it is not so easy to develop a correct and successful strategy without experience.  This is possible only to experienced players who have come a long way from the failed bets to big wins. You have a unique opportunity to read about these strategies and find out how to start playing correctly and become an experienced player. Below you will find a list of popular working strategies from experienced players. 

Stepping Up

This technique involves determining a minimum bet and acting to increase it if the spin turns out to be a winning one. If the bet does not bring you a win, you can leave it at the same level. This allows you to avoid losing money.

The Margingale Strategy

The essence of this strategy is that you make a bet and every time you double it in case of a losing game. If it turns out to be a winning bet, however, you should reduce it to the original limit.

Methods of doubling bets

This model has an analogy to the Martingale system. It can be dangerous and risky and is used most often in roulette games. The idea is to double your bets until one of them is a winner. This method will help you cover all your losses and double your winnings. Keep in mind the risks of this strategy and the fact that you must have a sizable bankroll to play this method.


This strategy is ideal for playing roulette. What do you need to do? If you win, you need to double your bet, but if you lose, then you reduce your next bet also by half.

The strategy Chicken

This strategy, despite its rather unusual and ridiculous name, is effective and well suited for beginners slots players. Also, this strategy is perfectly combined with other strategies. Following it, the gambler does not repeat game slots in the same game session. That is, you need to determine the bankroll, assume that it is $300, and the number of slot machines, for example, 3. You evenly distribute your funds for betting between slots, in this case $100 each. If $100 is burned, you choose another game on the site.

Zigzag Strategy

This strategy will suit the observant players who like to analyze the process of the game. The essence of the strategy is that you need to observe the slots and find winning and successful combinations on the reels: it can be "zigzags" in the form of the letter "V", arranged diagonally or in the form of a diamond. You can also find other winning combinations by yourself as you gain experience in the game.

D'Alamber's Strategy

This strategy is suitable for the most diligent and industrious players, because it requires more time than other strategies. But this strategy is effective and proven. According to it, you make the minimum bet set by you, then after each loss you increase it by the size of your minimum bet. After you win, you start all over again. This game is based on alternating wins and losses. Losses are always replaced by wins sooner or later, and this strategy helps you cover all your losses.

Red Dog Casino - the best solution for online gambling


Arbath Solutions OU introduced its advanced online gaming platform Red Dog Casino to the public in 2019. The casino has been rapidly developing all these years and has become quite popular and well-known in its circles. After all, here you will find only honest and reliable play, excellent service and a pleasant experience. 

The casino is completely legal because it is regulated by the independent Gambling Authority of Curacao. This information can be found on the website of the casino. 

Сasino Red Dog wants to expand and attract more and more users. To this end, you are offered various bonus offers and promotions: welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, coupons, crypto-bonuses, card bonuses. Also, if you are a regular player, you will be interested in the local loyalty program with different levels: New Friend, Bilbo Waggings, Fast & Furious, Doctor Barkenstein, Canine West, Beowoof - reaching which you get rewards from the casino. For more information on bonus terms and conditions, as well as loyalty program opportunities you can find on the Red Dogs Casino website.

Don't forget to mention that there are various payment methods on the website that make using the site more pleasant and easy: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neosurf, Flexepin, Tether to deposit to your account, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin to withdraw funds. As you already noticed, you can deposit and withdraw your account in cryptocurrency, which shows that the casino is trying to follow the latest trends and make the users' game as comfortable as possible.

Also pay attention to the fact that the minimum deposit is only AUD 10 and the minimum withdrawal amount of earned funds is AUD 150. 

Another very handy fact is that the website has excellent adaptive qualities, allowing users to use the site from a variety of gadgets. The site can easily adjust to the resolution of your screen.

When looking for a game, you will not get lost in the huge list of suggestions, because all the games are conveniently categorized: New; Favorites; Slots; Table games; Live dealer; Video poker; Specialty. So you can quickly find the game you want and enjoy the game. 

Just can not help but please such a simple and at the same time attractive design site. The funny dog face on the letter "R", is a memorable element and distinguishes RedDog Casino from other online casinos. Stay tuned for Red Dog Casino!