Full Metal Monsters is a new PvP battler for mobile in which 2 teams of five face off against one another for dominance over 5 major locations in an arena. It’s kind of similar to the Conquest mode in Battlefield, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Right off the bat, you’ll probably find yourself quite impressed by the level of attention to details here. The game is undoubtedly a looker, the action is satisfying, and the control scheme is simplified to suit the touch-based nature of the platform.

Full Metal Monsters trailer

There’s also a large collection of cool-looking dinosaurs for you to ride into battle. From the speedy Velociraptors to the flying Pterodactylus, they are all there, and you can also equip them with plenty of weapons such as machine guns or even rocket launchers.

A dinosaur can have 2 weapons at any one time – either two identical ones or two of different types. During the early game, you won’t have access to a lot of options, but soon enough you’ll be able to combine plenty of weapons with the unique abilities of the dinosaurs to create your own playstyle.

Naturally, each dinosaur comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as varying stats like Damage, Range, Speed, HP, Shield, and Armor. At the end of the day, there’s actually a lot of depth involved.

Full Metal Monsters
A large collection of dinosaurs

The entire affair is just a big pay-to-win fest

The main issue with Full Metal Monsters is that a lot of things revolve around pay-to-win mechanics. Dinosaurs are divided into 2 main types: The free ones that unlock when you level up, and the paid ones that you have to spend real money from. Yes, all of them can be equipped with any weapon that you have at your disposal, but you cannot alter their base stats in any way.

Needless to say, the dinosaurs that cost actual money to purchase are stronger by a large margin, so if you buy them, you’re basically going to smash everything on the battlefield.

Full Metal Monsters Equipment
You can use real money to purchase more powerful dinosaurs and weapons

Furthermore, you can buy respawn points with the premium currency, which will of course give you a big advantage over the enemy team. This has a direct (and negative) impact on the gameplay. By default, each player has only 1 life for each match, so if you die, you can’t come back unless you have respawn points – or Riders, as they are called in the game.

Thus, if you pay for tons of respawns, you can literally buy your way to victory just by running in, die, come back, and do the same thing over and over again until the enemy team is all dead. Skills contribute very little here.

Your skills don’t really play a part here

Even if we ignore all the pay-to-win mechanics, the gameplay is pretty… brainless. Each match only lasts about a minute, with all players simply rushing to the center of the map and duke it out to see who can survive longer. We tried to properly play things out, capturing locations on the periphery, but soon enough we found out that doing so was completely pointless.

And then there’s the actual shooting, which is painfully easy. You don’t even have to aim, as there is a ‘Lock Target’ button that you can just press to have your dinosaur continuously shoot at the nearest target on its own until either you or that enemy is dead.

Full Metal Monsters 1
There's an auto-shoot button which basically means there's no skill involved at all

Given that even a 3-year-old kid can do that, this is basically a competition to see who spends the most money to buy more powerful weapons and extra lives. Again, pay to win shows its ugly nature.

So, even though we had a pretty good first impression with Full Metal Monsters thanks to its polished visual, the entire experience is infested with pay-to-win that it could hardly be called a game at all. You might as well be throwing money out of the window.