With casinos bustling online, playing Teen Patti for real money is now easier than ever. You don’t even have to step out of your home to play. This is a huge blessing during a pandemic as nasty and exasperating like COVID. Also, because the developers follow the rules of the traditional game, its authenticity is preserved even in the digital sphere, although simplified. All you need to do is find a legit online casino that offers Teen Patti real cash games and accepts Indian players.

This is how you can play Teen Patti for real Rupees from India:

  • Register yourself with your favorite Teen Patti casino online.
  • Decide between the virtual game and live Teen Patti.
  • Fund your account and place real money bets in Rupees.
  • Withdraw the money if you win.

Now, if you want to know the rules, here is how it goes:

Typically, Teen Patti is played with a deck of 52 cards without jokers. An ante or boot amount is collected as the initial pot value. The hands are dealt by a dealer who distributes the cards in the anticlockwise direction. Each player is dealt three cards face down.

Teen Patti

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Betting starts from the player sitting to the left of the dealer. Players can choose to see their cards or play blind. Blind players can choose to bet an amount equal to (call) or twice the pot value (raise). Seen players, on the other hand, have to place a bet twice (call) or four times the stake (4x).

At any point in time during the game, a blind player can choose to see his cards and continue as a seen player. However, seen players cannot go back to being blind players. Also, a player can fold (lay down the hand and quit the game) if he feels he doesn’t have a winning hand.

Seen players can also request for a compromise (side show) where two players need to compare their hands. If the compromise is accepted, the player with the better hand stays in the game and the other player folds. If the compromise is rejected, the player who requested it needs to place a bet equal to the other player’s.

The game ends when all players except one have folded or one of the last two players request for a showdown. The winner takes home the pot amount.

Do the rules remain the same online?

Although similar, online Teen Patti variations might come with slight changes. For instance, instead of competing against fellow players for the pot, you might be competing against the house. It can be anything - a human dealer or a computer bot, depending on the type of game you play. While virtual Teen Patti is more of an RNG game where the outcome is random, live dealer Teen Patti is streamed from a real studio and has real human croupiers dealing the hands.

Another major difference is the way the hands are dealt. Playing blind is not an option in almost all online Teen Patti real money games. Your cards will always be dealt face-up and you’d always play as a seen player. Yet again, you might just be betting on the outcome based on the hand you feel has the best chance of winning. Nevertheless, the rules for hand rankings remain the same.

To Conclude…

Real cash Teen Patti is likely to bring bigger rewards when you play it online. It is easier, more fun and can be enjoyed without the player breaking a sweat. Especially, if you are stuck at home during COVID times and don’t want to risk going out, online Teen Patti is just the game you need!

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