Placing bets on eSports is very simple. You only need to find a reliable betting site that offers you competitive odds and a smooth transaction gateway. After choosing one of the best online betting sites in India, you should sign up there by creating an account. Then make a deposit, and start betting on your favorite game.

Before placing the first bet, it makes sense to take simple steps to prevent the risk of being defrauded online. All you have to do is listed below.

Esports Betting

Choosing the Right Online Bookmaker in India

There are plenty of the best betting sites in India in 2023. Many of them are worth putting your trust in. However, a bad experience with one fraudulent website can discourage anyone from ever betting again. Thus, if you’ve never tried eSports betting before, we recommend you opt for tried and trusted eSports betting websites. Over time, with hands-on experience, you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not these websites are trustworthy, and then confidently place bets with any bookie you like. In the beginning, always make sure of its credentials. You can do so by visiting forums where you can check the opinions that the members of the community share. And don’t forget! Trusted bookmakers should always be licensed by the government or registered by the gambling authority. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend you to opt for them.

Understanding E-sports Betting Markets and Odds on the best betting sites in India

Betting odds can be quite challenging for beginners. We can explain how to understand the odds. The thing is that they are different in different countries. But we're going to focus on American odds as the most common in India. You'll see different titles, as a team, Moneyline, totals, and handicaps. When you bet on one team to win – it’s a money line bet. In a handicap bet, the bookmaker gives an advantage to the lower-ranked team and a disadvantage to the favorites. Total bets - are bets of the total amount of points scored by competitors.

Main takeaways:

  • Understanding betting odds is crucial for a newbie
  • The plus/minus system works on a standard amount of $100.
  • The bets come in three main types: Moneyline, totals, and handicap
  • Teams get points to meet in spread betting.
  • Betting odds reflect possible outcomes in a game.
  • Online sportsbooks are available in India.

Placing Your First Bet on E-sport

How to get into betting on eSports? You should check out some of the most popular games and find one to bet on. For instance, Call of Duty. Check out the Call of Duty League official site to find the dates of matches. Then you should go to the best online sports betting site that offers eSports odds. Once you do that, look for some of the top matches of the day. Make sure to read the stats before picking the match to bet on.

Some things should be avoided when betting on eSports even on the best bet site in India. Don’t bet on the smaller-level games. The small prize events aren’t worth betting on. Avoid large money line odds. The payout is worthwhile, especially if the favorite doesn’t win the game.