The big-name studios continue to pump out very appealing games, and the new world of live service gaming keeps on cycling through seasons to keep the experience fresh across all platforms. In an industry so intent on driving the new games and getting players to buy into the latest products, it may come as a surprise that so many are reverting back to the classics.

Games that have seemingly had their day in the sun are surging in popularity again, thanks to a mix of new promotions and new additions. Looking at these classics and why they’re growing in popularity, it’s difficult not to get swept up in the fads once again.Bingo

Returning to the World to get ready for the shadows

Through a combination of its range of features, quests, customization options, and subsequent popularity, World of Warcraft will undoubtedly go down as one of the most influential games of all time. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game once had as many as 12 million subscribers.

The game’s popularity faded as the gaming space expanded following its 2004 release, but each new update has drawn in more users. Now, we’re on the cusp of the next expansion, Shadowlands. There’s a tremendous amount of interest in the new addition, which was revealed this time last year, with the cinematic trailer alone earning over 10 million views. To prepare, players are piling back into the World to level-up and prepare for the adventures of the Shadowlands.

It’s back to the balls for the bonuses

If there’s one classic that was once the definition of a massively popular communal game to play live, it was bingo. However, as gaming became increasingly digital and home-based, the cultural phenomenon faded. Brands didn’t really adapt quickly enough to the need to offer a more convenient way to play the game; that’s all changed now, and the crowds are coming back to bingo.


Being a bit late to the game, bingo has had to go all-out to re-establish itself in gaming. To achieve this, the top bingo sites now offer players considerable bonuses and incentives. These don’t only span mobile and PC bingo games, though. Recognizing the massive appeal of slot games, each of these top bingo sites has also integrated the most prominent slots and offer bonus spins to play on them within their platforms. So, those who love the classic game of bingo and new-age slot players have swarmed back to the game.

Reanimating what would have been lost software

Remastering games isn’t anything new in the industry, with many developers looking to give their best-selling games from previous consoles a new run of sales. However, this is usually done with games that sold very well as long as a decade ago. Due to the flop that was the Wii U, Nintendo has slightly altered this approach. The Japanese company has decided that the great games made for the all-but ignored Wii U won’t be left to die with the console.

Utilizing the ever-growing popularity of the Nintendo Switch, games like Super Mario Bros. U, Mario Kart 8, and Pikmin 3 have been brought back to life just a few years after their initial releases, coming under the ‘Deluxe’ banner. Each of them has sold incredibly well, with players being more than willing to dive into games that they missed on the Wii U, even though they are technically years old.

Right now, World of Warcraft, bingo, and the lost games of the Wii U have surged in popularity thanks to recent efforts to bring audiences back to the classics.