PUBG Mobile has been experiencing consistent growth in popularity since its initial launch. The unprecedented journey has revolutionized the face of mobile gaming as a whole, pioneering the mobile Esports scene. The Krafton-owned title even became the highest-earning mobile game globally in 2020.

Sensor Tower Top Grossing Mobile Games Jan 2021
Sensor Tower Top Grossing Mobile Games January 2021

PUBG Mobile once again appeared in second place in SensorTower's top 10 highest-earning mobile games in January 2021.

PUBG Mobile is the Second Highest-Earning Mobile Game of January 2021

In the first month of 2021, PUBG Mobile still managed to bag a decent revenue. According to a recently published report by Sensor Tower, it was the second highest-earning game of January.

More than half of the game's revenue (~60%) came from China, where it's locally known as the Game For Peace. The United States emerged as the second-biggest market of the game, accounting for 9.8% of the total revenue. The game finished second on both the Google Play Store and App Store charts.

Honor Of Kings 1st Place
Honor Of Kings Is January's Highest-Earning Mobile Game

Honor of Kings, another game from Tencent, dominates the charts as the top-grossing title in January with a whopping $267.3 Million in player spendings. The game experienced a steady growth of 22% in the same period last year. Fater/Grand Order by Sony came in third on the charts.

The widely successful Genshin Impact by miHoyo finished fourth in terms of revenue in January 2021. The game generated a revenue of $153.4 million with Japan being the dominant market (~33% total revenue). The USA accounts for 17.2 percent of player spending, while Asian players contributed around 72% of Genshin Impact's income.

Pubg Mobile 2nd Highest
PUBG Mobile Finishes In Second Place

Top 10 Mobile Games by Worldwide Revenue in January 2021

  • #1 Honor Of Kings
  • #2 PUBG Mobile
  • #3 Fate/Grand Order
  • #4 Genshin Impact
  • #5 Roblox
  • #6 Pokèmon Go
  • #7 Coin Master
  • #8 Pro Baseball Spirits A
  • #9 Homescapes
  • #10 Monster Strike