The kind of I-will-do-just-one-more-mission is rare nowadays. Many players have reported that they are sucked into the game they are playing, like Fortnite and Apex Legends, and find it hard to stop. The Division 2, the latest in line from Ubisoft is a nice addition to the list of classic games.

It is competent, exhilarating, and captivating, but it does not mean that the game is without any bug. Sometimes your character will suddenly stop midair in the falling position for example. However, these minor tweaks are not deal breaker. Speaking from the case of Anthem, launching a game is much harder said than done so let just congratulate Ubisoft for its effort to create The Division 2.

Great Loot Cycles

The Division 2 is nothing like Anthem

Many people say that to succeed in Anthem, players will have to go through a series of hard dull work. The storyline is a bit confusing; to advance further into the game, you must tick all the boxes of many checklists; and last but not least, waiting impatiently for scenes to finish loading.

In comparison with Anthem, The Division 2 is clearly a big improvement in every way. There are event scenes but their number is kept at a minimal level. Loading screens only show up when players travel too fast. Checklists exist but you can progress without it. You have the option to play the side missions or not. Finish them and you get benefits like blueprints for making weapons. Every aspect of this game makes you feel like you do not anything more to dive in.

The rest of the game is saving lives and shooting enemies. So far, the best-rated activity is Control Points which allows you to ask for AI assistant to free territories and give them to your allies. It is challenging so when you successfully turn the area from red to green, it always feels like you have achieved a lot. The feeling of exhilarating will still run high when you see they patrol the area. When you take over the area, its supply is yours to raid.

The Division2 Multiplayer Trailer
The best-rated activity is Control Points

The Dark Zone is no less compelling. The amount of new content is too large for one to explore in one play so it helps pull in players to go back again and again. The game has a PvP function but it is not for all players, it is not in The Division 1 either.  If you are not fond of this feature, there is always the PvE there to play. No matter how you choose to play The Division 2, you cannot deny that this is a great title with great loot cycles. In this game, your inventory will be filled with loot in no time.

Seemingly Never-Ending Content Supply

The Division 2 is a success by itself, but you can expect more upgrades to come in the future. Reaching a certain level and you are in for new stuff too. The story is partly hidden but rather than confusing players, it is kind of a mystery that needs to be solved, which is considered another achievement in storytelling alone. The more you indulge in it, the more pieces you find and the more thought you need to put in to assemble the puzzle pieces. Apart from the storyline, the rest of the game is easy to understand. You know exactly how to advance and unlike Anthem, there is nothing holding you back.

When most players are confident that they have had the game figured out, more content comes along and captivate them to come back and find out more. The Division 2 is so huge that we may not know the best of it anytime soon.  Ubisoft just keeps giving out more and all we can do now is to wait for more to come.

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New content will arrive soon

Many players report that they feel like they have only scratched the surface. There are still a few missions to do, the Dark Zone is still left barely discovered and the Black Tusk has shown, along with many other new features. And the best part is, this is just the very beginning. Ubisoft has already had plans for a whole year of new content free of charge.

For the time being, The Division 2 is definitely a game worth checking out.