Are you looking for ways to enhance your brain capacity and keep it in its best shape?

Like muscles that require constant stimulation to remain supple and strong, your brain also requires regular servicing. You do this by engaging it in games and activities that push your boundaries. The end result is a stronger healthier brain that will help in the overall quality of your life. However, with all these games online, how can one pick games that boost cognitive abilities?

Here are 4 games that will train your brain and boost your cognitive abilities.


You are probably familiar with crossword puzzles. Chances are, you have attempted to fill out one from a magazine or newspaper. If not, it may be the best time to start learning more about crossword puzzles.

Crossword puzzles are easy to find. While there are dedicated books and apps that will provide you with an endless stream of puzzles, you can simply stick to your local newspaper. You can also play them online for free.

There is a variety of crossword games for you to practice.

There are many benefits to learning how to solve crossword puzzles alone or with your friends and family. According to Jason Walker from GameQuarium, some of these benefits include:

The help alleviate Alzheimer’s disease

Numerous studies have shown that individuals who engage in games such as crossword puzzles, checkers, cards, and other puzzles are more likely to preserve the brain structures and cognitive functions that Alzheimer’s disease targets.

They help you learn new words

Playing crossword puzzles will help you learn new words. Since the games involve constant learning of new words, your vocabulary and general knowledge are going to improve as you play.

They Engage your Problem-solving Abilities

No crossword puzzle isn’t entirely easy to solve. They require some problem-solving skills. By consistently playing this game, you will inadvertently improve the way you look at and solve problems.

They enhance bonding as a group

Crossword puzzles are fun when you immerse yourself and play alone. They are even more fun when you and your friends or family come together to solve.


Dakim is the ultimate senior brain training game. If you or your loved one is advanced in age and would like to keep their mind in shape, then Dakim is the game to look at.

Dakim is created to aid senior citizens in improving their memory.

It is designed to improve memory and language abilities for adults older than 70 years. Users will get over 300 hours of puzzles, trivia, music, computation, images, and memory challenges.

The game targets 6 essential cognitive functions through fun experiences that will help improve memory, organization, creativity, and general mental fitness.

Dakin comes in a premium version. However, there is a free version. The game is compatible with Windows, Macs, and iPads.

Cognifit Brain Fitness

Cognifit is a combination of neuroscience and games that will help test your cognitive abilities and train your brain through personalized brain games.

Cognifit Brain Fitness
Cognifit Brain Fitness has all kinds of reports to track your progress.

By combining brain science and fun, the games target different areas of the brain and help them either grow stronger or learn new things. Cognifit targets areas such as:

  • Memory through games that will train your short term memory, phonological short-term memory, naming, working memory, visual short term memory, and non-verbal memory
  • Perception through games that will target your auditory perception, visual perception, spatial perception, visual scanning estimation, and recognition
  • Reasoning games that will target processing seed, planning, and shifting
  • Coordination games that will target hand-eye coordination and response time, attention, focused attention, divided attention, inhibition, and updating


As the name suggests, Eidetic is designed to help you remember anything. The intention is also on their tagline, “Learn and remember anything.”

Eidetic is player-friendly to both adults and children.

The game is designed for people who would love to improve or enhance their memory. By playing the game, you can get better at remembering phone numbers, interesting facts, notes, lists, quotes, and any other useful information that you would like to retain over a long time.

The game comes in form of an app that can be downloaded on Google Play and Apple Store. It has a simple system that will enable you to write down categorized content for easy storage and better memory. What’s more, you can choose when to practice your memory and the app will notify you when the time comes.


The brain is a magnificent organ. Its ability to perform the most complex things in this world is yet to be fully replicated in any manmade system. However, as much as the brain is amazing, it requires regular training and enhancement to keep you sharp.

By playing the above-mentioned games, you will have provided your brain with the best ingredients to keep you alert for a long time.

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