As connoisseurs probably know, Minecraft does not refer to the standard genre of a sandbox video game. It has only one rule - there are no rules at all. Instead, you are on an adventure where any element you can find is interactive. Thus, you can assemble things, build buildings, chase animals, squabble bogeys, and so on. There is no one to give you tasks nor offer a story - your avatar simply lives and prevails. Everything depends on how long you can last, and how the community will remember you. After all, you can only get food and protect yourself from monsters. The other way is to form massive, amazing, and unique Minecraft creations. Accordingly, we will show you some of the best Minecraft builds that deserve special attention.

Château de Versailles


The famous historical landmark in Paris is an architectural masterpiece and attracts an army of tourists every year. As a Minecraft build, it was created by a million blocks and required a lot of hard work.

Interestingly, the first time the author made Versailles, the server was on a partway shutdown, so he had to do it all over again. The chateau project started with the front doors, and it was a challenge to keep all the windows and rooms relatively proportional. When the first floor was done, everything was much easier.

Trying to make things as close as possible to the actual chateau in Paris, the author used many reliable resources including real-life pictures, brochures, and the panoramic view from the official website. You can enjoy the King’s Chamber, Cour de Monsieur, and the Galerie Basse even though some details are still to be polished

King's Landing


The capital of Westeros and the city where all intrigues and major battles take place, King's Landing now not only exists in the Song of Ice and Fire. The universe imagined by the famous writer George R. R. Martin is recreated on dedicated servers through the joint efforts of an entire community gathered from all over to globe to complete this masterpiece.

Players can also walk through many other famous locations from this fantasy and explore the castle of Winterfell and home to the Warden of the North, the impressive White Harbor, and the evergreen High Garden castle rich in gold and other treasures. In total, the entire world is made, and you have more than 400 locations to explore, including The Wall – a megastructure that keeps the undead away from humans.

The project started in September 2011 and is still under construction. The ultimate goal of the team of Minecraft builders is to complete Westeros and eventually move to Essos, the second continent. If things turn as planned, they will turn it into an MMORPG.

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco


Published in 2012, this is one of the biggest and most detailed structures in the BuildEarth project inspired by Minecraft. The complex space has a height of 40 blocks and is surrounded by a marina, just like in the real-life city of Monte Carlo.

The famous gambling destination attracts both gamers and punters to experience and enjoy. You can also find many casino online sites inspired by this and always willing to provide some additional fun.

With many details outside, the author invested hours of furnishing the interior to match the landline casino. Minecraft fans who also like to play casinos can check out tables, slots, and other attractions.

Minas Tirith (Lord of the Rings)


An architecture master once said that Tolkien's mind was big enough to put all knowledge gathered through centuries in it. The writer not only designed an entire history of many races and their languages but also described their towns and cities in detail.

For the uninitiated, this Minecraft building may look just like another strange structure at the east end of the hill. One couldn’t probably notice it without the Minecraft map since it’s made from alternating gaps and pillars. Still, all people say it looks quite amazing if the old-school isometric view is turned on.

After a closer look and a little bit of exploration, it would be possible to spot a couple of easter eggs. First, there is a passage to a prison-looking house placed at the western wall’s end. Also, make sure to turn the speakers on to hear fire burning. There is also a hidden red stone circuit and a room with the nether rack ceiling leading into a tiny corridor with an obsidian block.

Renaissance Styled Town


Dominated by a great Gothic cathedral, the town built in renaissance style makes a fine balance between massiveness and vertical pointy-ness. The author tried to make it look like everything in this structure has some history behind it.

According to the player who projected and designed the town, it was quite difficult to make the cathedral in scale to all other houses and squares. Making it too big compared to the city is easy, but that’s not the point and would seem grotesque.

This is an active project where many engineers and historians took place. You can visit a vibrant forum and make a comment since all ideas are taken into consideration to finish the town and cathedral in the most successful manner.


Some gamers spend many hours playing Minecraft to delight their fantasies and create something amazing that is never allowed in other computer games. Minecraft building - this is something that needs special attention. Again, no one is forcing you to show creativity - you can dig yourself a land where monsters can't pass and rejoice in what you have. And you can create huge and unique designs, which will be more spectacular to talk about later.

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