In recent years, game development companies have shifted their main platforms to be dedicated to mobile games since smartphone games have dominated global gaming revenues since 2017. Smartphone technology has seen rapid improvement and we have the power of a desktop computer right there at our fingertips. But whether the mobile gaming industry can rival gaming on an Xbox or Playstation long term is under review.

Gamer demographics are changing

With young children often having access to a tablet from a very young age and a smartphone by the time they are 11 or 12 years of age, the demand for mobile gaming is strong, with games being played on the way to school in the same way their parents and grandparents play games on their work commute. At the same time, there is a strong demand for consoles, with the latest releases from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo very popular. The demand for consoles is not expected to fall in the near future.

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Smartphone technology

Mobile Gaming
The mobile gaming industry is posing a challenge to console gaming business.

Console gaming and mobile gaming are similar in many ways, but there are attributes of each that the other cannot mimic. Smartphones are unable to detect gestures or sense motion which are needed in some console games and consoles do not support location-based games and gyroscope-aided games that smartphone technology can offer.

The future of smartphone games

Consoles have more powerful processors than most smartphones and offer much larger displays and high-definition image quality. The fightback from smartphones means that it is now possible to access online games for seamless gameplay.  In addition, the use of Virtual Reality glasses, as well as cloud storage, could lead to mobile gaming being a superior performance to consoles, though the experience will be different.

Live-stream multiplayer games

Console Gaming Livestream
Console gaming offers players some experiences that a mobile game cannot mimic.

Console gaming offers a multiplayer experience in person which is not as simple with a mobile phone. A console linked to a television lets players share the experience with others in the room and play with others in a real-world setting rather than only in a virtual world.

Software development companies have been moving from the regular release of new games to live-streaming multiplayer games. These games lead to greater engagement, with players spending within the games with secure transactions through blockchain technology which also removes any issues around ownership and item-fraud that is often a problem online. However, these games are not expected to impact the console gaming market for several years.


Gamers will want to continue using consoles for quite some time because they have different uses and encourage different types of interaction than mobile gaming. Even if mobiles and consoles run the same quality software, this would not mean that gaming fans would give up their consoles for mobile gaming. It is expected that mobile and console gaming will co-exist for quite some time and we have already seen cases of consoles and smartphones being linked together for gameplay. Manufacturers and games designers will want to exploit the full potential of cutting-edge technology and one form of gaming does not have to kill off another.

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