Discord has long been the go-to choice when it comes to game chat. That's when this application starts to gain the notice from the gamers. But it doesn't want to stop there.

With the aim of getting more reputation among the gaming community, it has been making a further step on the soaring industry - streaming. To be more specific, Discord is going to release a new streaming feature, allow users to go live and showcase the footage of their gaming process!

Discord is releasing new streaming features

Discord called this new feature "Go Live". That's a simple name, explaining the most basic thing in this extension.

Basically, Go Live is the mixture between livestreaming your whole gaming footage and sitting on the bench playing a game with your friend. It's a part of the private voice chat service and will apply to everyone in the same voice chat room. With low latency, this experience will be very much like our good-old time enjoys playing video games with our friend locally.

Discord Announces Streaming Feature Go Live 1
Playing with friends locally is still a fun experience when we grow up

However, there're several restrictions to this feature, at least for the time being. To be more specific, each Go Live Stream only host for a maximum of 10 people, including the streamer. This means only 9 players can watch your stream at a time. However, you can limit the number of voice channels to control how many users can access to your stream.

Discord Announces Streaming Feature Go Live 1
Real footage of Go Live features

Furthermore, Go Live requires you to stream a game. In order to start your stream, Discord will have to detect that you're actually running a video game. And only games will be shown to viewers. And yes, no one can interfere with your stream by opening their own, as only one Go Live stream is viable in one voice channel.

Discord Announces Streaming Feature Go Live 2
Go Live requires running video games to start your stream

If you're using Discord Desktop App, you can activate and deactivate this feature at any time. Simply put, you can start your stream both in the app's interface and in games using its overlay. Automatically, the stream's resolution will be HD 720p for ordinary users. However, Nitro Classic users can bump it up to 1080p, and Nitro users can stream at 4K.

But it doesn't want to compete with other giants

With all the features above, Go Live sounds very promising. However, the industry is now filled with many giant streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and even Mixer.

Hence, it's not easy for Discord to compete with them. The resolution for this situation is that Discord not compete with them at all. That's why they're approaching different potential targets that other platforms are not digging in.

Discord Announces Streaming Feature Go Live 4
Ninja left Twitch for Microsoft's new streaming service - Mixer

Go Live target the people that really want to stream their gameplay to a small group of audiences for certain purposes. It might be they just want to have fun with their friends, or for creators that only want to showcase their product for a closed group for testing. Or it's perfect even for people wanting to have an audition before starting their streaming career.

However, that doesn't negate the ability that Discord doesn't want to compete with other streaming platforms. Maybe at this moment, Discord is only performing a test run to receive more data, serving for their future plan. Remember, they can just broaden the whole viewer limit at any times, and become a real streaming service!

Discord Announces Streaming Feature Go Live 5
It's a great streaming service for the starters!

Go Live will be accessible for some Discord users on August 15. Meanwhile, other unlucky ones might have to wait for about two weeks later to touch this feature.