For gamers like us, the yearly E3 conference is an event to look forward to every year. This 24-year-old conference is host annually to every kind of gaming companies to get closer to the gamers, and for the gamers to get to know more about their favorite games. The E3 always gathers big names in the gaming industry to join it every year.

E3 2019
The E3 2019

However, this year 2019 is quite not the same for E3 and the gaming industry. For the first time ever, in November 2018, Sony confirmed that this corporation would not be a part of one of the biggest gaming events of the year. And just a few hours ago, EA also announced that they would not be joining the E3 2019.

The famous publisher of the Star Wars game series, and Apex Legends has said it would not take part in the E3 this year. Instead, EA will choose to put on its yearly event EA Play. This is not the first time EA takes this decision. EA will also broadcast live streams from EA Play with the focus on specific games and developers.

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The EA Play

After seeing the father of Play Station 4 dropping EA “to look for inventive opportunities to engage the community," it is quite the sad news for us to see another huge name in the gaming community – the publisher of the current hot hit Apex Legends – pulling out of E3 2019.

However, to be fair, EA’s performance in this conference is not always great. It has been quite an emotional roller costal ride throughout the years. So we can hope that with the format this year, EA can give us all the good news. Especially when EA has just published such a huge hit like Apex Legends in February.

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The huge hit Apex Legends by EA and Respawn Entertainment

EA's release calendar for this 2019 year looks like it will have the AAA game Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. This game’s developer is Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the huge hit Apex Legends. So the gaming community has reasons to put high expectations on this game. Another Need for Speed title and a new Plants vs Zombies game is also set on the way. So why don’t we take a firm seat and wait for EA’s show in 2019?