If case you want to change your Twitch username, here’s the way to do it!

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon.

Every one of us has made a username in the past only to regret and change it afterwards. On Twitch, it is possible to change your account username after creating that account. Whether it is an embarrassing username that you accidentally made few years ago or just because you mistakenly misspelled it, here’s the way to change it.

Previously, the only way to have a new username is to create a brand-new Twitch account. That was definitely a problem due to a lot of reasons. First and foremost, you lose your follow list and subs status on multiple channels. Second of all, streamers would then lose their audience, and might not be able to recognize old viewers in new names. However, things have changed now and all you have to follow is a few easy to create an account name in your favor.

First step: log into Twitch and head over to the user settings panel. Click your name on the top right of Twitch interface and then click “Settings” in the menu. After that, you should be landing on the section “Profile”. Find the “Profile settings” section by scrolling down and you should be able to begin your name changing process.

Here's how the profile settings panel should look like.

Under “Profile settings” section, Twitch lets you change as many as three things: your bio, your username and your display name. However, capitalization is the only thing you can alter under the “Display name”. To change more than that, you’ll need to make changes under “Username”.

By changing your username, you are changing your channel’ URL for followers and friends. Your desired username must be unique and no other changes can be made to it in the next 60 days. The changes should take effect right after you made it without any delay. Let your friends know about your new name, or you’ll become a stranger in their friends list.