The Prince of Saudi Arabia ‘Archangel_Yuji’ has long been notorious in Dota 2 for his massive spendings on The International Dota 2 Battle Pass. For 4 consecutive years, the prince has topped the chart with his Battle Pass level in Dota 2. How big is his love for Dota 2? Let’s find out.

Prince Of Saudia 06
The Prince of Saudi Arabia turns out to be a big Dota 2 lover

The Prince Yuji started playing Dota 2 since 2012. Up until now, he has played around 10,000 Dota 2 matches with a medal of Archon. He refused to hire a coach and held to the notion that exploring the game on his own would be much more interesting. The prince would like to enjoy Dota 2 with his friends on the list most of the time.

The Prince Archangel_Yuji has recently taken to Twitter to showcase his alluring Crystal Maiden set while holding an AMA to get in touch more with the Dota 2 community.

Interesting facts about the Prince of Saudi Arabia ‘Archangel_Yuji’

The Prince of Saudi Arabia’s real name is Abdullah bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. He is born on July 24, 1980 (age 39) as a member of the Saudi royal family. The Prince’s net worth was estimated at 2,7 billion USD in February 2017.

Prince Of Saudia 03
A public figure of Saudi Arabia, the Prince also has his hobby of playing Dota 2

In his personal account, the Prince has reached Master Tier lv 25 for 3 heroes - which he displayed on his own personal page – Crystal Maiden, Skywraith Mage, and Lina. They all boast luxurious cosmetic items, with the exclusive Golden Wings of the Manticore item for Skywraith Mage topping the list with a rumored price tag of $2,000+. The item is one of the rarest items ever crafted in Dota 2 with only 25 existing sets in the world.

According to the prince, he has his personal maids attend to his accounts. They also have their own PCs and consoles to try out some of the finest game titles: Final Fantasy, Persona 5, Metroid Prime, Ryu ga Gotoku, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, and Catherine. They also do the job of opening immortal treasures in the Prince’s account and claiming rewards for the Prince as it would take weeks/months to do it all by himself.

Prince Of Saudia 04
The Prince's Dota 2 Battle Pass in 2018, how much time would it take to open all these treasures?

The Prince’s Steam account

The Prince of Saudi Arabia has contributed a large part to The International Battle Pass each year. His Battle Pass level in 2017 reached the impressive level of 175,457 - higher than anyone at the moment. In 2018 and 2019, his Battle Pass contribution was still impressive with around 100,000 levels. It would cost around $41,000 to reach that high. He managed to do it 4 successive years, contributing greatly to the total prize pool of The International each year.

Prince Of Saudia 01
The Prince held back this year, "only" contributing 100,785 levels to The International 2019 Battle Pass

His Steam account is also impressive with level 274. The Prince of Saudi Arabia turns out to be an anime/manga lover. His account is filled with his love for the Your Life In April protagonist Kaori Miyazono. His latest Steam avatar features the recent waifu craze Nezuko Kamado in the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Prince Of Saudia 05
The Prince Archangel_Yuji has a big love for the violin prodigy Kaori Miyazono

The Prince's Steam account is currently priced at around $20,000 with 2316 games owned. However, it only evaluates his steam account and leaves out the Dota 2 inventory. The Prince’s Dota 2 inventory is even more impressive with 70,196 items including a collection of Baby Roshans, the rare cosmetic items for courier with the price tag of $1,000+ each.

Prince Of Saudi Arabia 10
The Prince's Dota 2 inventory is luxurious with a wide collection of Baby Roshans

The prince would sometimes enjoy Dota 2 with his friends. However, do not panic if he doesn't accept the invite right away. The palace where he lives is massive and it takes minutes (it could take more than 30 minutes even) to go from one room to another!