In the recent announcement, ESL India has revealed that Global Esports would represent India in the international Dota 2 tournament - ESL Clash of Nations: Bangkok 2019. This was in recognition of their performance in the Online Phase 1 of Fall Season 2019 of ESL India Premiership.

Where is the last champion?

However, not everyone felt contented with the decision. The manager of Entity Gaming - Sid Joshi has gone public with his opinion, showing his point of view. Though he meant nothing against any players or the organization Global Esports, he stated his own reasonings.

Entity Gaming won the ESL India Premiership 2019 – Summer Season Final. They should be the defending champion by now as the Fall Season is still ongoing. The Fall season has yet to conclude until November, which means there are no other current champion rather than Entity Gaming.

Global Esports Bangkok 2019 01
It took a tremendous effort from Entity Gaming to win the last Summer Season of ESL India Premiership

However, Global Esports got the ticket to the Bangkok event in Thailand just because they got the rank 1 in phase 1 – the first phase of the Fall Season. This seemed a little unfair toward Entity Gaming Dota 2 players as it took so much effort to dethrone the consistent Dota 2 champions of last seasons.

Global Esports Bangkok 2019 02
Global Esports got the invite due to the fact that they won the latest split of ESL India Premiership

The official statement from NODWIN Gaming – the Esports company partnering with ESL in India has specified replied to the allegation. Akshat Rathee – the Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming stressed that the ESL India Premiership acts as a determinant of who is the best currently. As it is now the Fall Season and Global Esports is ranked best in the latest split, it stands to reason that GE is the current best team in the country.

Global Esports Bangkok 2019 03
This will be a good chance for the best representative from each country to showcase their skill and teamwork

A good chance to compete internationally

The ESL Clash of Nations: Bangkok 2019 will see some of the best Dota 2 teams from Asia Pacific (APAC) region. They will all gather in Thailand and attend the event as a part of Thailand Game Show. The event will pan out from October 24-27 with $50,000(₹35.34 LAKH) on the line.