Hyphonix is quite a controversial streamer on Twitch. He was banned since March 2018 by Twitch. However, Twitch unbanned him last Monday night without any previous notice.

Hyphonix, a controversial streamer with nine different Twitch suspensions so far.

After the ban from last year, fans of Hyphonix still followed his YouTube channel for the regular livestreams. And many of them were there to witness his return to Twitch. The guy himself also couldn’t believe the action from Twitch. He expressed his surprise in the first few minutes from the Twitch stream, confirming that he would be full-time streaming Twitch from now.

However, his Twitch return wasn’t that smooth. His channel was suspended not long after that for “evading a site-wide or channel suspension”. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a mistake from the platform, as a Twitch staff explained to him and quickly unbanned his channel.

As a matter of fact, Hyphonix was quite a controversial Twitch streamer. He received plenty of 7-day and 1-month suspensions in the past, all due to breaching Terms of Service. One was an instance where he took off his shirt and put sauce all over himself. Twitch classified this as nudity and even stopped him from appearing in livestreams from his fellow streamers.

Cover yourself in sauce and livestream doesn't seem to be a good idea, does it?

The instance that got Hyphonix a permanent ban was in May 2018 where he included a subs-spinning wheel in a stream. Whenever a fan subscribed, he would then spin the wheel with “take a drink” as one possible result. Twitch classified this as using alcohols as a subs-incentive, which later led to a permanent ban for his channel. Hyphonix switched to YouTube and continued to stream there up until the recent great news.

Hyphonix has yet to set a schedule for his streams after coming back to Twitch. He often streamed Runescape and Clash Royale previously. However, he probably will continue to make IRL streams and interact with friends.

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