The Korean Drama Netflix series Squid Game has become a phenomenon show all around the world. The series is about 456 players who join a deadly game to earn 45.6 billion won. All the games are just children's games but the losers will be killed.

People have been trying to recreate the show in many ways in both video games and real life. Squid Game Roblox is super popular at the moment. But to recreate the game at a real-life scale, MrBeast is probably the only YouTuber who has the capability to do it and so he did.

MrBeast Squid Game

It took MrBeast $3.5 million to recreate Squid Game in real life and he made it so that everything is as close to the game in the series as possible, minus the death part of course. Contestants have to wear green tracksuits and the production team wears red suits.

MrBeast Squid Game began with Red Light, Green Light but MrBeast was the one who call Red Light and Green Light. There is still a doll to detect players' motion. If a player moves during Red Light, they will receive stimulation on their stomach, indicating that they are out and they have to sit down.

Mrbeast Squid Game
MrBeast recreated Squid Game in real life.

In the 2nd game, since most players already knew the rule, they had to pick a shape randomly. Just like in the movie, players who failed to remove the required shape are out. The staff also dropped a lighter during the game to simulate the event in the movie.

In Tug of War, to ensure the fairness of the game, players also had to pick their teammates by random. MrBeast managed to recreate the exact giant bridge but losers will fall into a pit filled with sponges safely.

Tug Of War Mr Beast
MrBeast Tug Of War challenge

With the marbles challenge, the staff picked players who were close to each other the most to play against each other. While players could choose any game to play, most players chose the games from Squid Game.

To remove more players for the Glass Bridge challenge, players had to play another game. They need to try to flip a folded paper by throwing another folded paper on it. The first 16 players who completed the challenge moved on to the next challenge.

For the Glass Bridge challenge in MrBeast Squid Game, players had to choose a shirt with a random number written in Korean. The rule was the same in the show, except that players only fall into sponges. The winner got to enjoy a nice steak dinner afterward with plastic knives.

Glass Bridge Mrbeast
MrBeast Glass Bridge challenge

The final game was supposed to be Squid Game but it was replaced with the musical chair and all players' hands are tied.

The final winner was player number 079 and he walked home with $456,000. But as we all know MrBeast, even losing players got $2,000. During the games, MrBeast even suggested players give up for $4,000. The runner-up got $10,000.

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