By now everyone must have been informed about the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. This tragedy has taken the life of 50 people and made a lot more injured (some are seriously injured and may die). If the tragedy is not shocking enough for you, then you might have heard that the shooter has actually said out loud: ”subscribe to Pewdiepie” before executing his plan.

The king of Youtube Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is no stranger for us all. Ever since he ignited the fight for youtube subscribers with T-series, the slogan ”subscribe to Pewdiepie” has gone so viral that we see it nearly every day all over the world. However, the fact that this horrible killer mentioned the slogan before conducting the mass shooting is a sickening feeling for Pewdiepie.

Despite the early words from Pewdiepie, as well as his fans confirming that he has nothing to do with the inhumane killer, a lot of death threats were sent to Pewdiepie and the people he follows on Twitter. The situation must have been so intensive that Pewdiepie decided to unfollow almost all the people he used to follow on Twitter. The freelance journalist Nick Monroe discovered this:

Screenshot 4
The death threat toward Pewdiepie escalated quickly

From the screenshots provided by Nick Monroe, we can see a pretty detailed conversation between Twitter accounts attempting to pour some serious death threat on our Youtuber. From eggs to bullets, we can say that these death threats escalated quickly.

Due to this, Pewdiepie had to unfollow all the Twitter accounts that he has followed from time to time, except one account: the official Twitter account of Korean band BTS.

Pewdiepie Following Count
Pewdiepie only follow BTS on his official Twitter account

We all know that this famous Youtuber would never want such a tragedy in New Zealand to happen, let alone his name being mentioned by the ruthless killer. These death threats are actually quite blind and illogical, so we all hope that he can settle this incident down to continue his work.