Tips and tricks are one of the indispensable ways streamers apply to gain popularity on the Internet. Netizens have got familiar with some weird incidents in which a streamer covers her eyes to win the game, another one plays games continuously and without rest for many days or dresses in sexy clothes. All that they do is aim to draw so much attention as possible.

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On such streams, streamers tend to make a lot of efforts to trade-offs to attract the attention on the Internet. However, not long before, a Taiwan female streamer nicknamed ET didn’t just manage to draw much attention but also earned a huge donation by a special skill: sleeping.

To get more specific, after a long day, the beautiful streamer fell asleep while she was on a stream. Instead of feeling offended, her viewers were excited about watching her sleeping. They even donated more than Rs 5,000 to her. The next morning, ET surprisingly realized that there were up to 11,000 viewers to watch her sleeping through the night.

It is said that ET used to be a member of a Malaysian girl band called AMOi-AMOi. After ending her singing career, she decided to start a new career as a full-time streamer on Twitch last year. She has now become one of the most popular Taiwanese streamers on Twitch. Her streams mainly focus on playing video games and interacting with her fans.

With her subtle beauty, she is rumored many times to get cosmetic surgeries; however, she hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors. And her fans may not pay much attention to it because, as a piece of evidence, her streams attract tens of thousands of viewers even when she does nothing special.


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