We just got a new game for PC and Mac last week with the title of The Glass Staircase. This game is an effort to bring back those classic horror games of the last generation like Silent Hill or Clock Tower. In fact, we have written an article about this game a few days ago, you could read more here.

I was very intrigued about this game back when I saw the trailer. My early moment with The Glass Staircase has been tense. And my first impression about this game that it is a moody game that waits for you to get relaxed in silent before finishing you off.

Not many games these days could capture the essence of a fixed-camera horror game. It is not as simple as creating good control and put some fog here and there. The Glass Staircase has all of those things but it also understands the essence of a well-design slow burn. You start in this game with a group of little girls in an old manor. Then one after one, you are tasked with a simple mission: Take the delivered packages and light all the candles in the manor.

The Glass Staircase This Game Knows Retro Horror G
Things will go awry quickly. Are you prepared?

They are waiting for you

But somehow things are odd. A mysterious dark force keeps on lingering around waiting for you to lower your guard. Then tragedy happens the moment you just relax a little bit. In my first few hours with the game, the dark force has already claimed two of my playable characters with more deaths to come. The whole game for me is like a loop in Groundhog’s Day. The day starts off very calm until things begin to slowly shift to something much darker. The longer I play the game the better I understand the lay off of the manor. But still, I couldn't be prepared for those monsters.

Fixed camera angle

The usage of space in The Glass Staircase is also very good. The fixed camera angle was put into good use to create a sense of dread and alienation. You don't know what is in the next corner because you just couldn't see it. The game keeps switching camera angles to its advantage. The developers of this game are very smart because they know how to utilize the limitations to create a memorable set piece. That's some great horror designs right there.

The Glass Staircase
The game uses the classic limitations to its advantage