We are all happy with the announcement for a third Spider-Man film in MCU, no doubt about that. We have been breathing a sigh of relief since we heard the news, and we believe you are doing the same thing as well. If you are looking for a person who has turned around the decisions of both Sony and Disney, we have a very familiar name for you: Tom Holland himself. This 23-year-old actor managed to convince both Sony and Disney that a third Spider-Man movie in MCU would be a big win for everyone.

Tom Holland himself saved Spider-Man in MCU

On August 20th this year, both Sony and Disney announced that their partnership for Spider-Man in MCU had come to an end. This partnership came to an end because Disney wanted more profit from Spider-Man movies. At first, Disney had only gained 5% profit for both two first Spider-Man movies in MCU (Disney contributed 5% of the movie budget), but after Spider-Man: Far From Home, Disney wanted a fairer share for itself.

So the corporation proposed a 50-50 deal with Sony about the next Spider-Man movies in MCU (Disney would contribute 50% of the movie budget), but Disney still wished to keep all of its profit from merchandise sale.

Spider Man Far From Home Mysterio Post Credits Sce
Spider-Man: Far From Home was too successful, so Disney wanted a bigger share from future Spider-Man movies

Sony, of course, did not agree. At that point, everyone thought that there would be no more Spider-Man swinging around MCU anymore because both two corporations were extremely serious about this decision. But Tom Holland did not think so. Just like the Marvel character he stars, Tom Holland swung around Sony and Disney and paired these two corporations together, for the fans.

This UK actor began his work right after the D23 Expo of Disney. After showing up at this event of Disney and saying "I love you 3,000" to the fans (at this point the “divorce” announcement has been made, so all the fans thought this was a goodbye from Tom Holland), Tom Holland started seeing the chairman of Sony film Tom Rothman multiple times to beg him for another chance for Spider-Man in the MCU. This actor has even used the leverage he has with Sony film to negotiate with Tom Rothman (this actor also stars in Uncharted movie by Sony).

Uncharted Tom Holland Travis Knight
It turned out that Tom Holland starring in Uncharted movie has more benefits than we thought

After having successfully convinced Tom Rothman, Tom Holland turned to the CEO of Disney Bob Iger. This man is one of the most powerful CEO in the entertainment industry, yet Tom Holland managed to meet him multiple times to persuade him about another chance for Spider-Man in MCU.

After showing to those two CEOs what the fans actually wanted and how much they wanted it, the two corporations decided to sit down for another round of negotiation. And this time, a deal has been agreed by both sides. According to the new deal, Disney will pay 25% of the movie budget for the third Spider-Man film in MCU (which will be officially published on July 16th, 2021), and this corporation will get 25% of the profit of that movie. This is a great deal for Disney because this corporation receives the full profit from the merchandise sale for Spider-Man character.

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Bob Iger is surely one of the happiest men after the new deal

About Tom Holland, this UK actor is really happy with his success. Right after the announcement for a “re-marriage” between Disney and Sony being published, he has posted a small piece of footage of “The Wolf of Wallstreet” movie where Leonardo DiCaprio said “I’m not [expletive] leaving! The show goes on!” on his Instagram account.

This is surely a big win for all of us, so the negotiation work must have been extremely exhausting and hard for Tom Holland. This man has just shared that he would take a short break from Instagram before coming back with his future projects.