The Game Developers Conference is coming very shortly, and for a while, Google has been teasing that it is going to unveil its “vision for the future of gaming”. Rumors have been going around has to what this might be, and here is our prediction: The company is developing a brand new platform for gaming, which will (at least try to) make streaming applicable.

There is a high chance that this platform will be available to all devices currently available. It could be accessed through the Chrome browser on a PC or Mac, through a mobile app, and maybe even on consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (provided that they don’t think Google’s new product is a threat).

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Google has something big in store for GDC

Just last year Google was testing a streaming service that runs on its Chrome browser, so this speculation is not too far-fetched.

If Google is indeed revealing a new streaming platform, it’ll probably work on everything

After all, that is the easiest way to maximize its success. Google has already announced Joy-Con controller supports on Chrome, and we believe that all gaming controllers will be supported as well.

In the past, both Nintendo and Microsoft have shown that they are willing to work with others. For example, Xbox Live is soon going to be available on every platform – Switch included. This in turn demonstrates that Nintendo isn’t too concerned about the competition either.

So we reckon that both companies will be glad to include Google’s new product on their consoles. The same cannot be said about Sony, however, as it already has its own streaming app on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Also, Google’s service might be accompanied by a brand new gaming platform that specializes in game-streaming.

Additionally, Google might be working on a new console that utilizes the platform to its fullest

The controller patent basically confirms this. Providing a console that’ already set up and comes with its own controller so that players can just get it and play will no doubt massively increase the profile of the service.

A brand new console is on the way? (Photo for illustration purposes only)

What it’s going to look like remains a mystery, though. It could be anything from a simple box that goes under your TV to something similar to ChromeCast that you plug in.

Still, the announcement is just hours away, so let’s wait and see what’ll really happen.