The Esports Club an esports tournament platform just announced a Rs 15 Lakh tournament for CS:GO, the Dell Gaming TEC Pro League. This tournament is powered by WD Black and all players and teams from India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka are welcome to join and try to get their hands on the huge prize pool.

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The Dell Gaming Tec Pro League features a huge prize pool of Rs 15 Lakh

The tournament will last for 5 months from October 2020 until February 2021. The total prize pool will be split evenly among 5 months. That means the prize pool for each month will be Rs 3 Lakh and a bonus WD Blue NVME SSD for the MVP of each division.

Format of the CS:GO Dell Gaming TEC Pro League

All teams and players are free to join the tournament. If you also want to join, you can register through their official website here.

There will be a total of 256 teams. They will be playing under the Single Elimination format. The top 24 teams will move on the next rounds.

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Only the top 24 teams out of 256 teams will move on to the next round

The 24 remaining teams will be split into 3 Divisions. The bottom 3 teams of a Divison will be moved to the lower Divison(for example, Division 1 to Division 2). The bottom 3 teams from Division 3 will be eliminated from the league.

The top 3 teams of each Division will get promoted to the higher Division.

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Format of the CS:GO Dell Gaming Tec Pro League

Division 1 is where most of the prize pool goes to with Rs 2 Lakh totally so that is where most teams should aim for. The top team of Division 1 will get a huge prize of Rs 75,000.

Prize Pool Banner Site Overview2
Prize pool distribution for each team in each Division of the Dell Gaming Tec Pro League

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