A very interesting Fortnite event has just ended in a very unexpected way: the EStars Fortnite tournament has finished and the champion of the tournament is just only 16 years old.

EStars Fortnite tournament is a special Fornite event because it has been hosted with many different venues. And all of these venues are the famous football stadia in Ireland and the UK. This championship has been for 3 months, and its final took place on March 31st.

This tournament featured a prize pool of £50,000 - more than Rs 4,500,000 , with the champion prize of £25,000 - more than Rs 2,250,000. The final winner of this tournament is Mohammad Shami, a 16-year-old gamer from Manchester city, England. This is a very surprising achievement for this gamer, considering there have been a lot of older and more experienced gamers taking part in this tournament.

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Mohammad Shami with the £25,000 check for the winner of EStars Fortnite tournament

This is truly an amazing experience for the young gamer, considering that he has won the whole championship in one of the most historical football stadia in the UK: the Stamford Bridge stadium of Chelsea Football Club.

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The Stamford Bridge stadium

£25,000 is a huge amount of money for a 16-year-old gamer, so he has decided that he would use all the prize money for a big holiday with his family. He has not commented where his family would go to for this holiday, but that holiday will surely be extremely luxury.

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Mohammad Shami will share the prize money with his love people via a holiday