While we are busing watching the Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2019 with the red-hot TNC Predator and Alliance, ESL Clash of Nations Bangkok 2019 also concluded with a victory for Team Adroit. After various technical problems in game 3, the event finally ended well with a sweet rampage for Adroit Jun ‘Bok’ Kanehara. Team Adroit scooped the lion's share of $20,000 and the ESL Clash of Nations Bangkok 2019 cup.

Esl Clash Of Nation 03
Team Adroit is your ESL Clash of Nations Bangkok 2019 champion

The grand finals kicked off with a hard-fought battle between the 2 teams. Both teams were extremely cautious not to take fights. The game went pretty well for BOOM ID as they maintained the gold lead for 40 minutes. However, one good combat from Adroit at the 46th min turned the table for the Filipino squad.

The second game went pretty one-sided for BOOM ID as they stomped Adroit since the start. Adroit had to call GG at min 36.

Esl Clash Of Nation 05
BOOM ID got a comfortable game 2

A nail-biting game

The last game was much more chaotic. Adroit took the lead since the beginning and Adroit Jun ‘Bok’ Kanehara even scooped a rampage for himself in a combat at BOOM ID’s top shrine. Things seemed to be the end for the Indonesian squad as the gold lead was big at the moment.

Esl Clash Of Nation 01
Good teammates are those who won't steal your RAMPAGE!!!

However, a “carrying” performance from BOOM Randy ‘Dreamocel’ Muhammad Sapoetra with Sven in his hand brought the game back on track. Unfortunately, the mid lane player Rafli ‘Mikoto’ Fathur Rahman overcommitted after buyback and chased all the way to Adroit’s jungle. That serious mistake costed BOOM ID the mid lane rax and momentum. Adroit jumped at the chance and took the victory.

Esl Clash Of Nation 02
Gyrocopter made a mistake and dive too far from his teammates

ESL Clash of Nations Bangkok 2019 acts as the finals for regions across the SEA Pacific region and India. Each champion from each country’s ESL Premiership represents the country to attend the event in Thailand. A total prize pool of $50,000 is distributed among the 8 teams.

Esl Clash Of Nation 06
Though having good games, BOOM ID couldn't close out the series just in time

Unfortunately, the Indian representative – Global Esports couldn’t find their feet on the big stage and finished last in the event. They fell down to 2 Oceanic squads Team Oracle and Athletico Esports. Subsequently, the Indian representative had to settle for $500 in prize money. It seems like the skill gap between Indian Dota 2 and the rest of the region is still big.