It's time for the next matches of the VALORANT Challengers East: Surge. This time on the agenda is the duel at the top of the table between B8 Esports and Rapid Ninjas. Also, Szymon "nyczu" Kulik will play his debut in the Zero Tenacity jersey.

Z10 breaks out of lethargy, Acend with defeat

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There were two huge surprises in the previous round. One of them was B8's devastating defeat to Diamant Esports. The Slovenian formation gave no chance to their rivals on Fracture and shut them down in just four points. Cyber Wolves Esports then climbed into the runner-up position with a victory against NOM Esports. The Israeli organisation is still at the bottom of the pile alongside Z10.

Acend lost to Enterprise Esports in a sensational clash. This leaves Kamil "baddyG" Graniczka and Co. just two points above CWE. Wolves can therefore seriously threaten the leader. Zero Tenacity finally snapped out of their lethargy, as they managed to win their second meeting of the season almost a week ago after an extremely close overtime game against Anorthosis Famagusta. Rapid Ninjas are still at the top of the table, thanks in part to their recent victory against Anonymo Esports.

B8 Esports and Rapid Ninjas in the summit clash

Today's clashes will kick off with a battle between Zero Tenacity and Enterprise Esports. This will be Nycz's first match in a Z10 jersey. The player has entered the team in place of Jakub "Ayke" Smoczynski, who became inactive with the formation some time ago. The Serbian organisation now has the chance to show that it is capable of turning around its season. However, it is worth recalling that EP recently defeated Acend itself.

Immediately afterwards, the duel at the top of the table awaits us. There, B8 Esports will battle it out with Rapid Ninjas. Currently, the former team has a one-point lead over its opponents, but this does not yet mean that it will be the favourite of the meeting. RP has shown some really impressive play in recent rounds and is looking to make a name for themselves at the top of VALORANT Challengers East: Surge.

Next up is Anonymo Esports versus Anorthosis Famagusta. Sebastian "snikk" Kaminski and co. are at this point on the edge of the zone ensuring promotion. The Cypriot formation, on the other hand, is right behind Anonymo. This will be a key match in terms of the fight for the knockout stage and both teams are well aware of that.

The penultimate duel is the clash between Cyber Wolves Esports and Diamant Esports. CWE has been very strong this season and has been constantly treading on the leaders' toes. On the other hand, the Slovenian formation once has a great day, other times it can lose to NOM. However, recent matches have shown that DIA has started to turn things around. It will be a very interesting spectacle. At the very end, the aforementioned NOM will appear in a battle against Acend. BaddyG and his colleagues should reach for a set of points here. If that doesn't happen, it will be the biggest surprise of the day.

Not Europe anymore, but North America. MAD Lions on the VALORANTA stage again

In the spring of 2022, the MAD Lions joined the ranks of other organisations and entered the VALORANTA stage. It was then that a team competing in the European competition came under the wings of the popular Lions.

MAD Lions again in VALORANT


In the end, however, it did not live up to the expectations of either the MAD Lions themselves or the organisation's fans. Peter "Spin" Bradford's charges failed to conquer the regional competition. It is true that they managed to take second place in the second stage of the VALORANT Regional League France: Revolution, but this did not translate into anything more, not even promotion to the VRL finals. As a result, the squad was still disbanded at the end of last year and the individual players went in separate directions. As for the organisation itself, it was not entirely clear what next steps it would take. Only now this is obvious that it is staying with VALORANTS, but at the same time it is leaving the Old Continent.

From now on, the popular Lions will compete in North America. This is all because the team previously known as Dark Ratio has been taken under their wing. One of the members of the team is Taylor "drone" Johnson, who, in his Counter-Strike days, was a member of such teams as Splyce and Team Envy. In turn, another player, Anthony "ZexRow" Colandro, competed in Fortnite before switching to VALORANT. The official debut of the new MAD Lions representatives will take place on 2 February. That's when Drone and Co. will take on TSM in the North American VALORANT Challengers 2023.

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