PUBG Mobile is the biggest video game ever in the Indian market, drawing millions of players all over the continent... however, after the recent ban by the Indian Government, looks like its reign has come to an end. In this article, we would list out the Top 10 Best Alternative Of PUBG Mobile.

Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile
Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile

We should move on to other games at this point, as the chance for the game to get unbanned in the short term is pretty slim. India and China have been fighting over the border region since the war half a century ago - the conflict is not likely to end anytime soon. And even if the game got unbanned after let's say a year or two, a lot of people would have found a new interest and move on from it.

1 - PUBG / PUBG Lite PC

Nothing is as suitable to replace PUBG Mobile than itself - if you have a PC, it might be the best time to migrate over. While PUBG is a paid game on steam, its Lite version is completely free, so you won't have to worry about the money.

Best Alternative Of PUBG Mobile
PUBG PC Gameplay

The gameplay of PUBG PC is pretty much the same in comparison to PUBG Mobile - and some part of it is even better, due to the powerful capability of a PC. You would get the 15x scope, Karakin map, sticky bombs...and more.

Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile
PUBG Lite Gameplay

2 - Fortnite on Mobile or PC

If you still want to stick with the BR genre but don't have a PC/want to try something new, Fortnite might be an amazing pick. There is a reason that it is the most popular game in the world, after all. Besides the BR action, you would have to gather resources and build your own structure in the game, which many consider a breath of fresh air comparing to PUBG's rather serious gameplay.

3 - Free Fire on Mobile

Another BR alternative to PUBG... however, this one already has a pretty sizeable community in India. The gameplay is more or less the same, except for the various customizable skills, different maps and pet systems... The game is also pretty light - it can be run on weaker machines no problem at all.

Best Alternative Of PUBG Mobile
Free Fire is very popular in Asia

4 - Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is another flavor of the mobile shooter genre. While it is somewhat popular in India at launch, the playerbase has dwindled a lot since then. Call of Duty Mobile is a pure shooter, with futuristic guns and smaller maps, along with weird game modes and powerful weapons like Killstreaks. the Battle Royale mode of CODM is pretty bad, however.

Best Alternative To PUBG Mobile
Call of Duty Gameplay

5 - Valorant

Valorant is the new kid in the block - it is a free hybrid shooter made by the creator of League of Legend, Riot. The game is a mishmash between CS:GO's gameplay and Overwatch's heroic ability, with everything taken from both sides. A lot of streamers in India are planning on trying it.

Best Alternative To PUBG Mobile
Valorant gameplay

6 - Grand Theft Auto 5/Online

If you managed to grab a copy of GTA 5 on Epic Games back in the day or have already bought GTA 5, maybe its time to boot it up and give it another try. GTA has always been big in India, and with an excess number of gamers quitting PUBG Mobile, this might be the chance for GTA to make a resurgence. You can still pirate and play the offline version of GTA, of course.

Best Alternative To PUBG Mobile
GTA is a good alternative if you have a PC

7 - Counter-Strike

Nothing beats the classic shooter in gameplay mechanics - it is also easy to access as well, especially with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being free to play on steam. You can even play the older CS games like 1.6 as well - they have never died in India. With the new fancy games banned, people might come back to the classic once more.

Best Alternative Of PUBG Mobile
CS is one of the best shooter ever made 

8 - Call of Duty PC

If you truly have a good PC, maybe the high-end tier would be more to your liking. Activision releases new Call of Duty every year, and recently the even created a free Battle Royale version called Warzone. Many streamers are contemplating making the switch as well.

Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile
Call of Duty Warzone is pretty popular now as it's Free to Play

9 - Offline PC games

If you truly want to expand your horizon, maybe it is time to visit steam's top-rated list and pick out some games to download. If you are not willing to pay, you can always found the pirated versions of them somewhere on the internet like torrent sites and such.

Best Alternative For PUBG Mobile
Witcher 3 gameplay

10 - Console Games

If you have money for consoles and the games to accompany them, maybe it is time to quit mobile games altogether. Consoles are pretty much the very top of gaming, with titles made solely for them. Have you ever heard about God of War or Final Fantasy or Bloodborne? They are all console exclusives.

Best Alternative Of PUBG Mobile
God of War Gameplay

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