Yesterday we have discussed the case of 2 Indian pro players being banned for committing crimes in esports. Today, founder and CEO of a very big esports betting website has voiced out to point the responsibility of stamping out corruption in esports toward gambling companies.

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Betting websites have to take responsibility to clean up the esports industry?

Following the 2 big cheating incidents of Indian pro players being banned, and the newest case of the pro LoL player Condi in China being banned 18 months for a match-fixing scandal, Lars Lien – CEO and founder of (a very big and old betting website) has raised his voice that the gambling companies are the one who have to take responsibility in fixing the esports industry.

Lars Lien Luckbox
Lars Lien - founder and CEO of Luckbox

The reputation of the esports industry has been hurt really bad by all the cheating incidents lately, thus making Lars Lien have a statement.

The cheating incident of Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat has made the esports industry change

Luckbox betting company is among the members of the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC – we have introduced this organization). ESIC has had some attempts to write a set of rules and procedures with the other esports organizations as well as the community as a whole. These new rules and procedures look to tackle all kinds of new cheating ways.

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