A plaguing problem

Hacking or cheating has long been a problem for video game developers. Games are developed to pose a challenge to players, to test one’s ability to innovate and solve problems. Online games are used to match one against another in a fair competition to determine who is better.

Chinese Caught Cheaters 01
Video games give us a chance to prove ourselves against other players

However, there are even those who need victory so desperately. This is where hack/ cheating programs step in. It gives overwhelming advantages to users and makes games unbalanced. Cheating in a popular and competitive game like Dota 2 is even more serious.

Chinese Caught Cheaters 03
Cheating in games is a serious crime, especially in popular Esports like Dota 2 and CS:GO

Large money involved

Recently, Chinese police have identified and arrested 4 people following the allegation of making and selling Dota 2 hack tools. According to reports, these hack developers have made around 1 Million Yuan (~ ₹1 Crore) from selling their tools. It is still unclear who are their clients and how did they make contact with buyers.

This is a serious crime with a large amount of money involved. Chinese are notorious for their hack/cheating tools in almost any game. However, explicit cheating tool in a popular Esports game like Dota 2 on a large scale like this is unprecedented.

Common cheats in Dota 2 are often more skill-based and automatic

Hack/cheat in Dota 2 have long existed within the community but was never this blatant. Cheats in Dota 2 are often map hacking, auto-script or auto casting skills. They are often used in lower brackets or pub games where players with low skills want to enjoy the taste of victory.

However, with cheats that explicitly affects the game in a high bracket like this, we can’t just simply let it go to pass.