CS:GO is a popular game among many popular Esports out there. The game is one basic type of the FPS genre which involves lots of fast-paced actions. With that, we need quick reactions to the changing environment. Even the slightest details could affect the game drastically.

Csgo Pay To Win 01
CS:GO is a fast-paced FPS title that attracts millions of players

Pay to win in CS:GO?

Recently, many people have come to realize the discrepancy between high and lower settings. This is especially apparent for the smoke coming out from fire grenades like Molotov or Incendiary.

The drama settled as both team members of Astralis came out to explain the situation and denied any allegation. CS:GO developers fixed the setting shortly after and no one could use it anymore. Hopefully, Valve will also quickly erase the discrepancy between low and high settings to make things fair for everyone.