Richard 'shox' Papillon is on his way out of G2’s bench and come to Vitality. However, the transfer is not going to be cheap as shox has long been an iconic player in the French CS:GO scene.

Buyout Csgo 05
The rifle star in the French CS:GO scene is making another move

Large money on the line

CS:GO has gradually become more and more professional as an Esports. With proper contracts and several legal clauses, many big organizations have recruited the best talents in the world. With so much effort and money put into training the prominent talents, no organization would want to let their star go freely.

Up until now, CS:GO has witnessed several unthinkably high transfer fee. What is the price tag for an Esports athlete who excels at playing computer games? Thousands? No. 10x more? Not even close. The highest buyout fee ever recorded was the case of Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač. The Bosnia and Herzegovina star moved from mousesports to FaZe with a price tag of $500,000 (₹3.6 Crore).

Buyout Csgo 04
NiKo carried the highest price tag for a CS:GO player

How much do other CS:GO players cost?

According to the CR4ZY’s CEO, the price for players currently revolves between €50,000 (₹39.6 LAKH) and €250,000 (₹1.98 Crore). That is the common price for not-so-famous but potentially good players. However, stars go somewhere between €300,000 (₹2.37 Crore) and €1,000,000 (₹7.9 Crore). What a staggering cost of buying top-level players.

Buyout Csgo 01
CR4ZY's CEO has disclosed many details about buying out a CS:GO player

Normally, not many organizations are willing to disclose information about the transfer fee of one player. However, in a recent move from INTZ Esports, they sold out João "felps" Vasconcellos to MIBR for $150,000 (₹1.07 Crore).

Buyout Csgo 02
felps' transition to MIBR cost more than one hundred thousand dollar

In the recent post-Major shuffle, the French scene has witnessed big changes with 2 giants G2 and Vitality both making changes. G2 benched shox while Vitality left Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt out of the starting lineup. With that, Vitality was ready to buy out shox with the initial deal of $500,000 to $700,000 (₹5 Crore). However, after a long time of negotiating, the final buyout fee was somewhere between $350,000 (₹2.5 Crore) and $450,000. If everything settles, shox will replace NBK- in the starting lineup for Vitality in the upcoming season.

Buyout Csgo 03
shox boasts a staggering buyout for a CS:GO player, almost on the same level with NiKo

Another honorable name waiting on the bench is Marcelo 'coldzera' David. The two-time Major Champion star has been on the bench of MIBR since July 2019. He is currently teamless and waiting for offers. However, his buyout would be incredibly high according to his fame and performance. Many sources revealed that MIBR asked for a hefty buyout of $1 million (₹7.14 Crore). With that much money for a star, no organization is currently in talks with MIBR to buy him out.

Buyout Csgo 06
Coldzera has a too high buyout for any organization to even consider

After the Major, most teams are likely to make a roster change. Stay tuned and wait for more to come this late 2019.