The situation couldn’t have gone worse for the AWPer of, Michał “snatchie” Rudzki.

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A forgettable day for the Poland AWPer

We all have a friend who could neither hold sites nor get clean-up kills. Worry not, you are not the only ones who have to carry such a burden., the once best team in the world has plunged so deep in their performance to this point.

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An all-time low performance

On June 26, CS:GO team of played a competitive match against Nemiga Gaming in the LOOT.BET Smack My Beach Cup championship. The game went from bad to the worst for the main AWPer of the team. snatchie finished the map without a single kill while dying in vain 18 times.

You'll find it hard to believe this is actually one competitive CS:GO player

The eventual result was a sweep for Nemiga with victories in 2 maps. They did so convincingly with 16-2 on Mirage and 16-8 on Dust 2. The ridiculous map and possibly the worst experience for snatchie in his entire career was on Mirage.

The game lasted 18 rounds mean that snatchie kept being a burden to his teammates the entire time. He died every single round. He did not manage to land a single kill for his team, finishing the map with 0.09 rating.

snatchie managed to join the lowest ever rating club, also featuring Karrigan

The two teams are pretty close in ranking, both around top 30 to 50. is even higher with the ranking closer to top 30 teams. Players of this bracket couldn’t do so bad in such a competitive game.

The next map saw the attempt of the Polan AWPer to bring the game back but Nemiga was on fire. They stomped 16-8 to close out the match.

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Once among the top, are now so out of shape was once among the elite in the world of CS:GO. They were arguably the best team under their own era in around 2014-2016. After disappointing results in 2018, the team made drastic roster change. Ever since then, fell deep in ranking and never made it back to the top.