During The International 2019, Valve has announced not 1, but two new heroes coming up. There are currently 121 heroes in Dota 2. With a diverse cast of hero, Dota 2 is arguably the most versatile MOBA or ARTS Esports out there. The addition of 2 more heroes will contribute to the diversity of the game.

SnapFire – The cookie giving auntie

Making her appearance in day 4, SnapFire comes off as a joyful antie who likes to give other people her self-made cookies. In the trailer, she gave Invoker a cookie to enhance his spell. Snapfire is most likely a support hero with the ability to enhance spells of teammates.

However, she seems to be just as fierce when it comes to fighting. With a machine gun to fire off at Bat Rider, SnapFire may possess an offensive spell that will deal damage like Gyrocopter’s Rocket Barrage. With a pet as well as mounting, we may expect great mobility from the auntie.

Dota2 New Heroes 01
SnapFire is coming this Fall 2019

Void Spirit – The 4th Spirit

Contrary to the carefree auntie, Void Spirit gives off a mysterious aura of something beyond ordinary human beings. The Purple Spirit walks among a surreal realm, watching other heroes fighting. He seems to be the master of the Void, manipulating a realm of a higher order. Void Spirit seems pretty badass compared to SnapFire.

Dota2 New Heroes 03
Being able to conjure a portal, Void Spirit seems pretty powerful

In the trailer, Void Spirit has decided to come out of his hidden bastion to unite with his brothers (most likely the 3 spirits Earth, Ember, Storm). He even mentioned a greater cause to come, which seems to be the upcoming Outlanders update. In his realm, everything froze as he walked among the heroes amidst the battlefield. Not sure if he will be able to freeze a large area in the real gameplay.

Dota2 New Heroes 02
Void Spirit will rejoin with the 3 spirits in the Defense of the Ancient battle

Void Spirit seems to possess the ability to instantly teleport between realms we are uncertain of. He conjured and swung a dual blade spear out of nothing. This master of Void seems to be even more powerful than the 3 spirits.

Both SnapFire and Void Spirit will come out this Fall 2019. However, Valve has yet to announce the exact release time of the Outlanders update. Tune in for more update on these 2 exciting heroes.