Midas Mode is a new Dota 2 game mode developed by Moonduck. The concept was first announced in February 2017 and the first iteration of the tournament was held in November 2017. 8 teams from North America and Europe participated. The prize money goes to charity.

Midas Mode 2 01
The event last time featured 8 top teams in the world

Midas Mode tournament offers unique rules and gameplay. For the first Midas Mode tournament, the rules centered around drafting within a budget and doing challenges, also known as “Bounty”.

Basic Rules

There are 2 things you need to know that every team starts with 7,500 M (the currency in Midas Mode)

You spend M when

  • Picking or banning a hero (price depends on winrate and daily evaluation)
  • Pausing
  • Choosing side (with Blind Auction)

Midas Mode 2 03
Midas Mode offers a unique ban/pick interface

You earn M when

  • Randoming
  • Passing on Bans (skip a Ban turn)
  • Completing Bounties (challenges)
  • Betting M on other matches AND WIN

If you run out of M then your team can only pick the cheapest heroes and cannot ban heroes, choose sides or pause the match.


They are some funny challenges like “Knees in the Breeze” which requires your team to pick only mounted heroes. The challenges give your team 225 M and x2 if you win the match.

Midas Mode 2 04
Midas Mode is fun with challenges called "Bounty"

There are even some entertaining bounties like “Happy Little” Trees which tell you to plant a tree in front of the enemy fountain before 25 minutes.

A fun tournament to watch

The tournament is mainly for entertainment and charity. It featured some of the best teams at the moment like Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, OpTic Gaming.

Midas Mode 1 progressed through 9 days pulling in a nice crowd.

Midas Mode 2  coming up

SirActionSlacks has announced a teaser of Midas Mode 2 and tickets are available.

Midas Mode 2 Roshan Takeover teaser

Roshan, who should be a terrifying monster but it is now thought of as a reciprocal for your precious items. But what if we could change that? Replace the pathetic creature with a monstrosity that inspires true fear. Replace with what? You may ask. Well, with my patterned Sadim Head Integration Technology, we can put the soul of a true terror into that wretched being. That monster .. is .. YOU.

Jump inside the mind of Roshan and show those players what it means to be afraid again. The shackles over Roshan. So show no mercy to anyone who wanders into the pit. And when you are done beating those pro players into a pole, then maybe I’ll let you return.

Midas Mode 2 this time come back with a theme called Roshan takeover. As the name suggests, the mode gives viewers control over Roshan through a VR headset. A random spectator will be chosen to give commands to Roshan.

Midas Mode 2: Roshan Takeover has the potential to attract a large crowd. Actually, VIP tickets for the event have already been sold out. SirActionSlacks is brainstorming out a way to solve the ticket shortage problem. Tune in for more of the fun tournament coming up.