Previously, on last Friday, the well-known streamer with the name of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins thought he was playing Fortnite alongside the world famous rapper Drake. However, it turned out that it was clearly not Drake who was using his Fortnite account but it was actually a hacker who somehow got the access to it.

Rapper Drake (of the left) and the famous streamer Ninja (on the right)

At first, the hacker didn’t speak at all, then, suddenly, he started to scream out loud a racial criticism over and over again when he got into the game with Ninja. The famous streamer left the match without hesitation and just laughed the incident off as he knew that it was a “fake Drake”, he also stated that he felt somewhat awkward in that situation.

Ninja added that he informed Drake about his account being hacked as well as reported the hacker to the game’s developer - Epic Games - in order to get the hacker banned from the game.

The world-wide famous game Fortnite

In fact, Ninja harbored a suspicion of the invitation from Drake’s Fortnite account, particularly of its authenticity. The reason was, at that time, Drake’s account had unusually high ping. Moreover, the player was using PC in lieu of PS4 - the type of platform that Drake plays on most of the time.

Due to the fact that this incident is in the spotlight, there is a possibility that Drake will have his account restored as well as recovered swiftly. However, it still remains to be seen if the developer is able to catch the hacker.

A Screenshot from the previous stream between Drake and Ninja

Throughout the entire history of Twitch up to this very moment, one of the livestreams that has the most views ever was when Ninja and Drake participated in the same game earlier this year. That very stream of those two famous men, which broke the previous records, was reportedly viewed by up to more than 600,000 viewers at the same time.