Aaditya Sawant aka Dynamo during his live stream announced that he will not be part of Hydra clan for this year’s PMCO tournament. He recently shifted to PUBG Mobile from his usual gameplay on the emulator. Sources revealed that he witnessed a sudden dip in his life watching the audience leading to this shift. Now he does not have any plans to participate in PMCO Spring Split 2020.

Dynamo will not participate in PMCO Spring Split 2020

It should be noted that the Indian audience has shown more support to streamers playing PUBG on their mobile phones. Several streamers receive hate for playing PUBG on emulators. Also, less love is shown to PUBG PC tournaments in India. The sudden boom of PUBG Mobile players in India gave an upper hand to streamers playing PUBG on mobile.


Talking about Aaditya, his channel Dynamo gaming has over 6.07 million subscribers. A Mumbai resident, he started his YouTube channel in 2010. After playing in cyber cafes and participating in local tournaments, he gained popularity on YouTube by uploading his gameplay videos. His gameplay on the emulator was widely appreciated by the Indian audience.

During his live stream, Dynamo was asked if he will be participating in the PMCO 2020. He said, “I will not be participating in this PMCO. I do not want to disturb the existing Hydra clan. They have practiced for the past many years and I have started playing on mobile very recently. So it would be very difficult to match with their gameplay.


He further said, “I don’t want to get carried by my teammates. I have to grind more to adapt the gameplay on my mobile phone.

After the PMCO Fall Split 2019 ended Dynamo had announced that he intends to participate in the next PMCO. But however, it seems that he wants to focus on growing his YouTube channel. “We like to see Dynamo’s gameplay. He not only entertains but also focuses on gameplay. Recently, he started using face cam which is good. We can now see our favorite streamers and enjoy more on his YouTube channel. But we want him to participate in competitive tournaments.”