ENCE have just won the Season 6 i-League StarLadder. The Season 6 i-League StarLadder was expected to be the one to stratify tier two teams across the world. There have been expectations for some big names to go deeper in this tournament such as NRG, BIG, Mouz, etc. However, at the end of it all, this Season 6 StarLadder i-League was a tournament where these respective teams have their glaring weaknesses exposed completely and the StarLadder i-League tournament’s champion of this season 6, ENCE, has successfully highlighted their superior strength.

Before this tournament even started, people did not put much trust into this Finnish team that was founded back in 2013. The ENCE team were bombarded with questions before they headed into the StarLadder i-League Season 6. After all, even though the had what we all must admit as a quite great showing back during the ESL Cologne, their run during the EU Minors was, truthfully, quite a failure. Thus, it is quite important that the ENCE team could do well during this StarLadder i-League Season 6 tournament in order to prove that they are indeed consistent and competent enough to be at this level of competition and not some one-time miracles that will dissolve into the night. After all, the team has been able to do just what we all expected them to. When we go back down the line of this tournament, we can see quite many positive points from this team.

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ENCE won the StarLadder

ENCE has managed to develop an incredibly wide pool of maps that was the main reason enabling them to keep up quite well when facing all the opponents they had to face in any BO3 or even more. They have managed to beat VEGA, OpTic, and BIG, the ones that all had disparate identities as teams. Overall, this lineup of ENCE has shown incredibly deep skills and abilities due to the simple fact that they are in possession of three incredible star players that is Aerial, allu, and sergej. That is still not all the power of ENCE, as xseveN has also clearly demonstrated that when he needs to, he can also pop off in an incredible way. This is quite a great feat as we must be aware that the group’s members are all quite young.

When we talk about Aleksib in particular and the team as a whole in general, I do believe that they are great enough when it comes to strategies as well as tactics. Of course, there are always things that this lineup of players still should try to clean up if they want to improve even more. For instances, they may want to make some improvements at their antiecos, their capability to close games out in a decisive way, and, of course, their stability in the moments of incredible chaos that things are falling apart at. However, their overall basic fundamentals are really strong and stable. They do indeed have a stable grounding when we talk punish style, 4-1 plays, isolation plays, executes, and map controls.

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Another playoff team, NRG

All in all, I do believe that this lineup of players that ENCE is currently in possession of has quite some large room for them to grow. While the age of some players is relatively high, I do think that both Aleksib and sergej can actually still grow up as a leader in-game and star player, respectively.

To wrap things up, I want to throw out a quick word regarding Vega. I do believe that Vega is indeed a quite dangerous team that has a style of playing so incredible they will always have chances to successfully take down any team, even the ones that are in truth so much better than they are. However, they still have a weakness in that they still have not managed to build up an essential basis that can help the team to go to higher places than where they are now. At the end of it all, it was indeed a great run that this lineup of players of Vega has made.

This lineup has indeed managed to show the whole world how powerful it can be if you have five people all-in with one single idea even if that idea may not be the most optimal one. I believe that this lineup of Vega players is in the category of TyLoo. The team seems to have squeezed out all of their potential so I do not expect them to become stronger, but they are indeed the best team for us to watch.