The ESL One Mumbai 2019 has officially kicked off today with the group round. As we have informed, some teams have decided to drop out of the championships for different reasons, so there are now totally eight teams taking part in the tournament. Eight teams will be divided into two groups:

Group A

Natus Vincere (CIS)
TNC Predator (SEA)
compLexity (NA)
Team Team (NA)

Group B

Keen Gaming (CN)
Mineski (SEA)
The Pango (CIS)
Signify (India)

Team Signify India E1511852650866 1050x600
Team Signify India

Today the group stage of the tournament has begun. Team Signify of India has a Bo3 series with Keen Gaming from China – a very strong team. And the result of the Bo3 was not something surprising: team Signify was easily defeated by Keen Gaming with a 2-0 result. Down here is the recap of 2 matches in the series and the replays of the 2 matches.

Result of game 1 between Keen Gaming and Team Signify

Result of game 2 between Keen Gaming and Team Signify

This victory of Keen Gaming has been predicted by all Dota2 fans, but the chances for Team Signify to get into the playoff stage. Team Signify will face team The Pango from Russia. This team also lost its first match today against team Mineski.

Team Signify and team The Pango will face each other tomorrow in the losers' match – also a Bo3 series to gain a slot in the Decider Match. The situation is hard for both Team Signify and team The Pango now because they both need to win the next Bo3 series if they do not want to be put into the lowest positions in the playoff round of the tournament.

In group A, team Na’Vi has been defeated by Team Team in the result 2-0, and team TNC Predator has gained the victory after three games against team CompLexity Gaming.

The winning teams in each group will face each other in the winners’ match to find the best teams in each group to move to the upper brackets. The losers in the winners’ matches will face the winning teams from the losers’ matches in the decider match, and winners from these decider matches will advance to the lower brackets in the playoff round of the ESL One Mumbai. So chances are still available for all teams to take.