On January 09, Twitter announced to permanently ban the official account of the former president Donald Trump. His account @realDonaldTrump with more than 8.8 crore followers suddenly disappeared out of the platform. It takes as no surprise that the netizens have rapidly looked for his new account.

Hearthstone Player Trump
This Trump and that Trump.

It worth mentioning that eSports player Jeffrey Trump Shih accidentally has welcomed special attention in recent days. Many believe that his Twitter account is the new account of the former President Donald Trump because this player even has a blue tick on the famous platform.

It turns out that “this” Trump is a professional Hearthstone player. Despite his wide popularity, his Twitter account just has a moderate amount of followers because he seldom uses this social network. However, the account @TrumpSC has attracted more than 1.7 lakh followers in a short time.

The Hearthstone player then tweeted that “Getting a lot of Twitter followers right now. I might not be who you're trying to follow. You're looking for the former president, not the Hearthstone player.”

The funny incident in question obviously stirred the Internet after a series of election stress disorders. Additionally, the Hearthstone player’s notification received over 170k likes while there are only dozens of interactions for his shares about streams. It is obvious that the virtual follows made him feel uncomfortable.

Trump was born in 1987 in the United States. He is a Hearthstone and StarCraft II player. He used to play for many famous teams such as Team Liquid and Team SoloMid. At present, he works as a streamer and YouTuber with more than 8 lakh followers. He is also known as a popular name in the Hearthstone community.

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