Definitely, most of League of Legends (LOL) fans have ever heard the name ‘Faker’ - the top pro player from South Korea. He’s playing as the Mid Laner in T1 Esports Team. He’s one of only two LOL players in the world who have won three LOL World Championships. With excellent skills and great talent, Faker is the most valuable LOL player in Esports of all time.

The Greatest LOL Player of All Time

The superstar LOL player Lee Sang-hyeok, known as Faker is estimated as the greatest and most iconic LOL player of all time. Moreover, he is also the most expensive player in the world now. The star player has received many enormous offers to move to other teams in the 2020 season.

Faker Resigned With Skt T1
Faker Resigned With SKT T1

Many LOL teams around the world wish to have this top player in their squad for the upcoming season. The presence of Faker would be great insurance for the win thanks to his legendary talent. At the end of 2019, his contract with T1 eSports ended and he’s a free player now. Then, in a recent interview on Radio Star, a popular radio talk show in South Korean, the top player shared that he resigned with T1 and would play for them in the next 2020 season.

Faker is the Most Valuable LOL Player in the World

In this talk show, Faker confirmed that he received a giant offer from China. That Chinese team offers him a $1 Crore contract. In addition, another team from North America even gave him a blank cheque. It means they let him value his presence in their team. However, the superstar player refused those enormous offers.

Faker In Skt T1 Team
Faker in SKT T1 team

With these offers, Faker is reportedly the most valuable LOL player currently. However, the player didn’t leave the T1 team due to his loyalty to fans. The $1 Crore offer from China could be about eight times larger than his earnings from the prizes he won. But this number cannot convince this superstar to leave his country. Moreover, Faker also added that he plans to use his earnings from his LOL career for charity.