Lee Sang-hyeok, as known as “Faker”, the legendary mid-laner from SKT T1 is selected to be introduced to Esports Hall of Fame.

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Lee Sang-hyeok, "Faker" is a legendary LoL player.

Faker is the first in his Esports division

The announcement came out from ESL earlier last week. Faker himself will be the very first Leagues player to feature in the Hall of Fame. Before that, he was victorious in Special Community Award. This is an award in which fans can vote on who to be the subsequent inductee.

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Faker is the first League of Legends player to be featured in the Esports Hall of Fame.

Other featured faces in the Hall of Fame

Paysafecard, in collaboration with ESL, presented The Esports Hall of Fame. The honorable award has been available for 2 years, since 2016. The 2 first inductees of it were Emil Christensen “HeatoN”, a CS player and  Dennis Fong “Thresh”, playing Quake.

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Esports Hall of Fame, presented by ESL to honor the most important faces in Esports.

Continuously, many other remarkable community faces have entered the Esports Hall of Fame. We can list some of the names here, such as Ola Moum, or “Element” and Kyle Miller “Ksharp”, both playing Counter-Strike. Besides, Johnathan Wendel “FATAL1TY” from Quake and “TotalBiscuit” John Bain the caster are also on the list.

Much respected appreciation from ESL

ESL admires the engagement, outstanding performance as well as the esports valuation that such individuals brought forward. According to ESL, every single one of them helped push esports to grow further. Hence, the introduction to Esports Hall of Fame will make people remember them forever.

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ESL, world's largest esports company, proudly presented Esports Hall of Fame.

It does not really come as a surprise for Faker to be in the Hall of Fame, though. He has won world champion 3 times and undoubtedly an extremely influential player in the history of League of Legends.

Even though SKT experienced a very disappointing season this year, the organization did recently make some huge changes in their lineup. Therefore, fans of Faker and SKT, in general, should really be looking forward to 2019 and expect the best out of the team.