Esports and gaming have always been the playing field for males, especially in games like CS:GO where competitiveness is always at the highest level. Each player needs to play with their best performance or they won't be able to survive. However, although rare, there are still some female players who can actually be on the top of the leaderboard and become a phenomenon in the CS:GO community like this girl named Kaitlin Boop.

How Kaitlin Boop became famous in CS:GO

Kaitlin "Katie" Boop came to the attention of the CS:GO community when she qualified ESEA MDL Season 31's Relegation Tournament in April 2019 with team slashLEVEL. Her team actually went third place at the end of the tournament. Kaitlin Boop was the only female player in the team while also being the top fragger of the team. Kaitlin Boop was the first pro female CS:GO player to play in the MDL and she has done it wonderfully.

 Kaitlin Boop performance
Kaitlin Boop had a great run with her team slashLEVEL in the ESEA MDL Season 31's Relegation Tournament in April 2019

In that same month, she continued to get qualified for the FACEIT Pro League and she was also one of the first female players to play in the FPL.

Later on, Kaitlin Boop moved to team Mythic Reborn to challenge in the MDL for the second time. Kaitlin Boop CSGO skills have been proven to everyone and people expected to see her using those skills to help team Mythic Reborn.

kaitlin Boop tournament
Kaitlin Boop was the first female pro player ever to play in the MDL and she went third place right that time

With all those achievements, many fans in the CS:GO community have even considered her as the best female CS:GO player.

Kaitlin Boop past caused controversy in CS:GO community

In the online gaming world, toxicity is something that one will have to face in almost every game. The more competitive a game is, the more people will lose their cool and become toxic. That is why CS:GO has one of the most judging, toxic communities. When it comes to girl gamers, it even becomes crazier with all the doubts, sexual harassment toward them. They will be pinned down, looked at and judged for every single thing that they did, no matter how irrelevant it is.

female gamer
In the online gaming world. toxicity is a very common thing and female players are the ones who suffer it a lot

While Kaitlin Boop has proven that she has amazing skills to be among the best players in CS:GO, especially when she handled a 1vs5 situation flawlessly in the FPL against other top players, some people just couldn't accept it try to dig into the past of Kaitlin Boop. While she hardly ever mentions anything about her personal life, some still managed to dig deep into her Twitter and found out that she was transgender. Starting from there, more people came in and laughed at the female players and said that she was "actually a man." But it doesn't matter what those people said, Kaitlin Boop is a rightful woman and Kaitlin Boop CS GO skills is undoubtedly really good.

This incident also started many big debates about males and females in competitive gaming, most of which came to the conclusion that males are better at playing video games because of their biological traits and their experience with gaming since they were kids.

female gamers
In gaming, the most important thing for a pro player is to have good in-game skills and good performance in tournaments, no matter what their gender is

Whenever Kaitlin Boop is mentioned in a discussion, she will always get mocked, harassed with offensive comments. Many people would always just try to spiral into Kaitlin Boop's gender in every conversation.

In such a competitive esports like CS:GO, the only thing that should matter is not one's gender but their performance in the game and how well they do in tournaments. Sadly, lots of people have completely missed it and acted in rude, unmannered ways. Not only Kaitlin Boop, but many pro female gamers in many other esports are also facing the same problem of being harassed.

Kaitlin Boop's social media

Kaitlin Boop has a Twitter account and a Twitch channel where she uploads and streams her gameplay. Kaitlin Boop Instagram is currently unknown or she doesn't have one. Her Twitter account is @Keititv and her Twitch channel is Other than CS:GO, you can find that Kaitlin Boop also streams other games that she likes such as Apex Legends or Call of Duty War Zone. If you are interested, you can come by to check out her stream and support her by becoming a follower or subscriber.

kaitlin Boop twitch
You can stop by Kaitlin Boop twitch channel to check out her stream and maybe support her if you want to