As we know, CS:GO is an FPS title heavily reliant on reflexes and skills to compete. Also, it requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to train and master the art of CS:GO. With that, male players tend to have an edge over female opponents in this demanding Esports.

Csgo Female Player 01
Female CS:GO players are still rare

However, the females CS:GO scene is there to stay. There exist many female CS:GO teams in the world and even many hundred thousand dollar tournaments. Yet, people still have doubts about the capacity of girl gamers in CS:GO.

Recently, a female CS:GO player has become the center of the controversy among the CS:GO community. The girl Kaitlin "Katie" Boop has recently raised some eyebrows with her feats. Katie has recently qualified for ESEA MDL Season 31 Relegation with slashLEVEL. The team finished third with one girl in the team. It also made Katie the first-ever girl to play in MDL.

Csgo Female Player 02
Katie was one of the first girls to play in FPL

In the very same month, Katie also qualified for the FACEIT Pro League. She is among the first female CS:GO players to qualify for the FPL as well. Recently, she has been announced with the Mythic roster, along other famous streamers like Erik 'fl0m' Flom and James 'hazed' Cobb.

Toxicity plagued the CS:GO community

However, that was not all welcomed by the CS:GO community. Talented as Katie was, many people focused on other aspects of her, on a more personal level. Some people even raised the question about her gender as males tend to do better than female players. Some even went as far as commenting on girl gamers’ skills in CS:GO.

Csgo Female Player 03
Another prime example of girl gamer in this toxic community

This is not the first time people have doubts about female Esports players. Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn has been the only woman to win a major international StarCraft 2 tournament. Successful as she was, some people gave hate speech just because she was a transgender. Needless to say, it was such a disappointment as people focused too much on trivial things and neglected how talented she was.

Regardless, Scarlett played on and ignore all the hatred. It seems like Katie should do the same and stand her ground.