A $100,000 tournament

The CS:GO European mix squad under the leadership of Julia “juliano “Kiran has defeated CLG Red in a close Bo3 grand final. With the victory, they claimed $50,000 in prize money and 1 spot at DreamHack Rotterdam.

Female Csgo Claimed 01
A great girl leading the European squad to victory

The $100,000 tournament for female CS:GO players took place in Valencia, Spain on July 5. The event featured 8 female teams divided into 2 groups. The top 2 teams from each group would go on to play in the big stage.

Female Csgo Claimed 02
The tournament with 8 female teams

The 4 teams making it to the playoffs were Besiktas, CLG Red, Dignitas fe, and Demise fe. Besiktas and CLG Red swept their opponents 2-0 to face each other in the grand final.


Besiktas encountered CLG Red in the group stage on Train. The European mix got decent CT-side in the first half with 9-6 scoreline in the first half. The North American squad, CLG Red, would then fall apart as CT-side, losing 5 rounds in a row in the second half.

Female Csgo Claimed 03
Petra 'Petra' Stoker had a good day with an overwhelming 1.81 rating

CLG Red tried to respond with 2 rounds in a row but they were no match for the power of Petra 'Petra' Stoker and Julia 'juliano' Kiran. Besiktas closed the map 16-8.

This time in the grand final, the two teams played against each other through 3 maps. CLG Red removed Train this time. They played on Vertigo, Mirage, and Inferno.

The surprising match saw two teams taking each other’s map pick. Besiktas started out with a convincing 16-10 victory on CLG Red’s map pick, Mirage. However, CLG Red managed to bounce back with a 16-5 win on Mirage.

Though finishing the series with a positive 1.31 rating, Diane 'di^' Tran could not bring a victory to her teammates

The last map went the way of juliano and Co. with 11 rounds as T-side. They closed out the match at 16-9.

Female CS:GO has developed well recently. Their tournaments and prize pool have improved significantly. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we can see women competing against men in one of the most hyped Esports, CS:GO.