Doublelift is definitely one of the most famous names in the NA League of Legends scene. The legendary AD Carry has won many LCS championships under the teams like Counter Logic Gaming, Team Solo Mid, or Team Liquid. However, his achievement at the World Championship isn’t that great. Doublelift was “cursed” to not make it out of the group stage. The most recent time when he advanced to Worlds Playoff was in 2011, and he was playing Support.

Doublelift Tsm
Doublelift never made it out of Worlds' Group Stage as an ADC

Many disregarded Doublelift for his arrogant attitude. Recently, the pro player was under severe backlash from the community as he re-joined Team SoloMid at the drop of his performance. Critics put the incident down to Doublelift’s girlfriend, Leena Xu - who happens to be TSM’s President of Esports. 

leena xu flower
The super hot Esports President of TSM - Leena Xu

However, the couple doesn’t seem to be bothered by the criticism. Their affection towards each other is extremely sincere and Doublelift proposed to Leena not long ago. However, he was coldly rejected by TSM's President. Leena even told this story on Doublelift's stream and surprised the audience.

"The story is that Peter (real name of Doublelift) just asked me to marry me and I told him that don’t you think that I deserve someone who can make it out of the Worlds group stage?”, Leena said on stream. 

In response, Doublelift could only recall about all the time his girlfriend “exposed” him on stream. “Everything will change at Worlds this year”, he assures. But Leena also has her condition to accept Peter’s proposal - only if he wins the World Championship. Hopefully, the legendary player can use it as his motivation to win the first Worlds. 

doublelift leena xu
The couple has been dating publicly for quite some time

Team SoloMid - the current team of Doublelift is in good shape. They are standing at the third place on the LCS scoreboard, just below Cloud9, and on par with Team Liquid. As of now, the others in the NA region could not beat the top 3. So that Doublelift and TSM made it to Worlds is entirely possible.

leena xe car
Leena will marry Doublelift if he wins Worlds

In the League of Legends realm, there are known cases where marriage boosts the players’ performance at Worlds. Some of the most prominent cases are Ambition in 2017 and DoinB in 2019. Both of the two performed at the peak of their talent and won the Championship title. So, there’s nothing certain when it comes to the power of love. 

leena xu home
Let's hope Doublelift can keep the tradition alive