It is no news that the Korean netizens can have very high standards and be extremely mean. But recently, they took the toxicity of the community to a whole new level. Fans of the country's most prestigious eSports organizations - T1 sent funeral wreaths to the team headquarters.

t1 fans send wreaths HQ 1
Funeral wreaths were anonymously sent to T1's HQ

The wreaths read: "R.I.P SKT T1 (2012 - 2019)"; "The professional League of Legends team has passed away"; "T1 is now an entertainment company"; ...

Skt T1 Season 3 Lol World Champs
T1 (formerly SKT T1) is one of the biggest eSports organizations in Korea

It is known that the T1 fan community in Korea and internationally is furious with the team's performance. The three-time World Champions have been putting on a very awful display with consecutive failures. The team only placed 4th in the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) 2020 Summer and missed their chance to join Worlds 2020.

Faker and his teammates suffer from a performance dip in the Summer Split

Fans also criticize the improper recruitment of personnel. Things sparked when Effort, the main Support player, accidentally revealed confidential information about the coaching board. The team is recruiting Polt - who had almost no experience in League of Legends as T1's head coach. On top of that, they're also hiring LCK analyst LS, who has a bad reputation of being toxic towards the T1 fan community.

Ls On Silver Players League Of Legends
LCK analyst LS is infamous among T1 fans

However, the main reason here is that Faker as well as other players are doing way too many commercials. They joined the recording period for BTS's "Run" right before the regional qualifiers. This caused insane outrage among fans, saying T1 does not care at all about the eSports scene anymore but instead tried to squeeze their players out for business.

After learning the information, T1's fan base reacted with mixed opinions. But in general, they agree that the legendary mid-laner Faker is doing too many advertisements and TV shows. Though this may boost the image of him as well as the League of Legends community, it's not good for the team's results.

t1 bts
T1 is doing way too many TV shows and advertisements

To urge the director board of T1 to address this problem, fans sent a bunch of funeral wreaths to the team's HQ. They demand T1 change their approach to restore the throne as the best team in Korea.