The Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge – the first big esports championship for the game Apex Legends – have ended. The champion of this championship is not a strange name for us: King’s Canyon team by famous streamer Ninja and his teammate won this first tournament of Apex Legends.

Screenshot 4
Final result of The Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge

Although the game is still very young (less than one month old), Apex Legends has been a huge hit for the gaming community since its release date of February 4th. Seeing the esports potential of the game, Twitch has quickly hosted the first Apex Legends championship – The Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge. Streamers and players who join the tournament will play Apex Legends for 4 hours and then the winning teams is the team with most points: 1 point for a kill and 5 points for a winning match.

Richard “KingRichard” Nelson, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and Coby “dizzy” Meadows decided to join the tournament as a team called King’s Canyon. King’s Canyon won the tournament with 420 points (13 wins and 355 kills). They won by just one single point above the second team Reid’s Money Team of VSNZ, Chocotaco, and Huskerrs (10 wins and 369 kills). By this victory, Ninja, KingRichard and dizzy won themselves $8000 for the champion title.

Just by the result, we can see that this was a hard championship for team King’s Canyon. Ninja encountered a quite serious glitch that prevented him from moving in the middle of a match. His head was stuck in a rock in a mountain, while his body was seemingly hanged in the air. After being killed eventually, his teammates respawned him and together, they managed to win the match.

Of course, the star of King’s Canyon team was dizzy. He is still holding the world record of kills in a match: 33 kills in a match. It meant he killed more than 50% of the total players in that match (a match in Apex Legends only has 60 players). And about Ninja, he has shown that he is still in a good form, although he didn’t gain much from the last Fortnite tournament he joined.

Screenshot 3
Ninja boasting about his achievement on his Twitter