Esports player is an interesting job for the young. However, many players do not stick to this career for their whole life. These five pro eSports players have changed their occupation completely.

#1. Alex Ich Is Working As A Software Engineer

This LoL Midlaner was one of the most outstanding eSports players in the EU LCS. He has played for some teams, including Moscow Five, Team EnVyUs, and Gambit Gaming before announcing to retire in 2018. After that, he joined the team behind those eSports tournaments and this game. He is working as a software engineer for Riot Games. Although he doesn't play as an eSports player and compete for his team anymore, Alex is still working on his favorite game.

Alex Ich
Alex Ich was one of the best Midlaners in the world.

#2. Thresh Becomes A Tech CEO

Thresh, also known as Dennis Fong, was one of the first eSports gamers in the world who played Quake and Doom in the 1990s. After quitting the eSports career, he got great success in his business. This man is the co-founder of many technology companies, such as Lithium Raptr, Xfire, Technologies, and GGWP.

Dennis Fong
Dennis Fong succeeded in business after quitting his pro eSports career.

#3. Holyman Works As An Attorney

This former pro eSports player used to play Dota and compete in many international Dota tournaments. Then, he quitted this career to enter a law university. Now, this Dota player is working as an attorney. However, he still supports current Dota eSports athletes and does behind-the-scene works. Holyman also gives his old team Mineski supports behind the scene.

Carlos Mangco
Holyman is working as an attorney

#4. DNM Becomes A Doctor

DNM, also known as Gokul Sagar, used to be a CS: GO player in the Team Invictus. He quitted the pro eSports career in 2017 to become a doctor. The former pro player now is in the frontline to fight off the pandemic Covid-19.

Dnm Csgo
DNM used to be a CS: GO player in the Team Invictus

#5. DAFRAN Is A Farmer

This pro Overwatch player shifted to farming work after quitting the eSports career. He is working as a farmer now. Away from the keyboard, Daniel Francesca took up farming works and growing vegetables and fruits. He said he had spent a third of his life in eSports. Now, he is also doing things that make him happy.

This pro Overwatch player shifted to farming work.