New York is the homeland of the current #1 team in the world – Team Liquid. The North America CS:GO squad battled it out against Astralis in the semi-final of ESL One New York yesterday. The battle turned out to be quite an interesting clash between the two titans of CS:GO. Astralis managed to close it out after 3 maps but things didn’t settle just that easily.

Dupree Complained Esl Crowd 03
The battle of wits between the two titans turned out to be exhausting

After the match, Astralis’ rifler Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen took to Twitter and roasted the ESL One New York crowd for their unsportsmanlike behaviors.

To be more specific, during the match between Astralis and Liquid, the crowd has helped Liquid win at least 3 situations on Dust 2. Liquid defeated Astralis handily on their map pick with a scoreline of 16-9.

Dupree Complained Esl Crowd 02
The crowd wanted to help Liquid win but it turned out ugly and unsportsmanlike

A negative action from the crowd

Astralis won the match eventually yet dupree still felt it was a “disgrace to the competition”. A pro player from Team Liquid – Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski also agreed with the Tweet from dupree. Such heinous actions from fans are unacceptable to a professional Esports like CS:GO.

However, this has been a plaguing problem for CS:GO as an Esports. When talking about Esports, we can’t miss out the crowd with their hype and cheering. We can’t completely get rid of them for the shake of the competition. It really happened many times before this incident. Even the ex-pro Mike 'shroud' Grzesiek admitted it.

Unfortunately, the booth setups for players have yet to block all the noise from the crowd. We still have to rely on each fan’s sportsmanship to regulate the crowd. Astralis will take on EG in the grand final of ESL One New York. Let's hope this won't happen in the most important match of the event.