We all know how Astralis has introduced structured CS:GO to the world with their disciplines. However, how to prepare your best for success? In the recent $50,000 OMEN Challenge, Nicolai 'dev1ce' Reedtz got an interview. The world-renowned Danish AWPer touched more on the way Astralis prepared mentally and physically for any CS:GO tournament.

Device Astralis Prepared 01
dev1ce is the Major MVP in Berlin Major 2019

dev1ce recently joined the duel-based challenge alongside with other names like Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, Nikola "NiKo" Kovač. Though he failed to lift another trophy just after Berlin Major 2019, dev1ce got a chance to open more about the 4-time Major champion Astralis and how they managed to find so much success.

The secret

In the training for the OMEN Challenge, amateur players got many pieces of advice from Astralis training regime. It turned out that they have discussed a lot and gained experience from the training. It went beyond just in-game stuff and reached more side matters like seating position, basic physical health like training or even good posture.

dev1ce also advised amateur players on how to sleep well, how to de-stress, mentally prepare for tournaments. He thought being healthy mattered the most while one should not overplay or overthink things. It all boiled down to finding balance.

Device Astralis Prepared 02
According to dev1ce, players need to prepare their physical and mental health before going to any tournament

It stands to reason when Astralis has become one of the most dominant teams in history. CS:GO is a mind game where you has to keep your mental health at full power after hours of competing. Astralis has been so good with their preparation in-game and outside of the game to ensure their mental and physical health.

They even hired an Esports psychologist to help with mental problems. That worked out well in favor of the Danes and they achieved the first Major title right that year in 2017. Since then, more teams have followed the path and invested more in training their team members. That has helped to improve the CS:GO scene.